My Playlist for Autumn … 2020

Hello friends and happy almost Fall. Thanks for landing here today and spending some time with me.  I hope you consider subscribing.

It’s not getting dark early … yet nor is the weather turning cold but Fall approaches, and I’ve said before, and I’ll say it again, it’s the best time of the year.

I haven’t had to chance to decorate quite the way I want too.  Dealing with issues at home, and I’m hoping things can stay packed up for a reason … makes things easier to more (YAS!) But I digress … today sharing my Autumn playlist today.


I’ve been working on this list for some time and I’ve almost got it right.  Are there any songs that always remind you of fall? Or do you just listen to what’s streaming? Let me know in the comments. If the Tidal link doesn’t work here is a complete playlist.

Autumn Playlist

Fall Playlist 2020

Check out the Tidal Playlist!

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