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Spirit of Fall List: Quarantine City Edition

Hello everyone and happy Friday.  I’m glad you found your way here today…stay a while and consider subscribing.

I know you’re wondering why I’m even posting if I’m on a short break, and trust me, I’m still breakin’ (LOL).  However, I had to kick-off my favorite time of year with this post.

Firstly if you’re a long-time subscriber, you know that I’m simply in love with the Fall Season.  I know it’s still hot as all get out, and it’s not “technically” Fall but hey it’s September and that’s good enough for me.

Bucket Lists…

I’ve always thought of bucket lists for the seasons as silly, or maybe it’s just the wording.  I don’t think of taking a hayride, and apple picking as something that I need to do before I “kick the bucket” but to each his own.

In theory, it’s a good idea and I like the meaning behind it, so, I created a Spirit of Fall list geared towards things to do in the “city” for the Fall season in quarantine. That’s a mouthful right!


Spirit of Fall List: Quarantined City Edition

Since we’re still under quarantine in some areas with limited availability to certain activities I’ve updated this list from last year.  You can do just about everything on this list safely.

Fall Bucket List Quarantine City Edition

Thanks so much for visiting the blog today.  I’ll have more posts for the fall season coming soon.  Have a great weekend, and stay safe amongst the chaos. — Peace —

[Illustrations Tanya Kart at Creative Market]

4 thoughts on “Spirit of Fall List: Quarantine City Edition

  1. so i consider my bday to be around fall time and these are perfect for me! i am honestly not sure what to do for my bday since theres still a pandemic, but i would def wanna try driving, watching fall themed stuff and buying fall candles! great ideas, thank you <3

    1. Yes I would agree, we had cake, played games, Mimosa’s, and watched a movie…I know it’s not the same but it’s the person you celebrate so we made it fun.

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