Make Your Own Custom Abstract Art for under $20 Bucks

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It’s never been easier to create your own abstract art. I love everything I see when it comes to art, but that can become costly.  However, for under $20 bucks you can create your own abstract art using a Creative Market download.

These downloads have over 300 images and shapes so you can style, color, and create your own customizable art.  This also makes a great gift, and you have options on whether you want to frame your art, use double-sided tape with no border, or make a frame on your own.

The download I have is by Marsala Digital 2.  This download comes with 40 abstract drawings, 25 body and face drawings, 30 minimal line drawings, over 200 more shapes and objects. This is only one of several customizable abstract art packages on Creative Market.

Here is an example of how I created my first abstract piece.

I’m starting with a blank slate using Photoshop but it’s not necessary because the downloads have PNG and JPEG files.  This means you can use MS Word or Paint, as long as you can cut, paste, and manipulate the style of the image.


There were so many shapes and images to choose from it was hard to narrow down something, but this is what I started with.  Then I put everything together.  This was the fun part.


The Finished Art

There are absolutely no rules when it comes to abstract art and it’s left up to the artist (“you”) to interpret it as you like.  If you don’t like the colors you can also change to them to fit the style you’re going for.  I’m not sure how this would work in MS Word or Paint, but you can do this function in Photoshop.

This is a great way to spend some time creating art and playing with different styles, and when your done you can print this on your personal printer or send it CVS, Walgreens, Snapfish, or Shutterfly for more quality prints.  If your looking to frame your work Micheal’s is a low-cost option.

Photo  frames mockup

I made this one as well by adding a few of these shapes together.

This download is one of the many options you can find on Creative Markets … Free Goods.  The Free Goods page changes each week (starting on Monday) so check them out for your next project.

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Here are a few of my other favorites on Creative Market

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Frame background image … FreePik