Friday: Dollhouse Accessory DIY … Pass and Fail

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Hi Friends!  How is everyone doing? I know that everything you’ve been hearing throughout the weeks is daunting but just hold on.  God’s got you.  

This almost didn’t happen…

Ok so you know how you see something simple and you think … dang I can do that.  That was me, watching YouTube, and checking out a DIY to make room accessories.  I wanted to make little baskets for the diorama, for decoration, and for storage.

This DIY only required twine and hot glue, so I though … yas I can do this.  I got everything out.  Took my header picture, and I was ready to roll. This is what I tried to make.


(Image | Fun_and_craft | Check out her Instagram, her creations are nothing short of fabulous)

I started gluing, and wrapping the twine, and getting burned, and more gluing until it was a big ole mess.

Where did I go wrong, who knows but ok … new plan.  I figured I could still make these mini-baskets but I would crochet them instead.  I haven’t crocheted in a few years so some of that technique has left my brain.  Thus, I was off to YouTube “again” to reacquaint myself with this pattern.

Here’s What I did!

basket 1

Basket 2

Fun and Craft InstagramYouTube

Baskets 3

Basket 4

basket 5

I didn’t include a step by step (which is what I usually do) because I’m no crochet expert.  I will include the YouTube (GratiaProject … How to Crochet a mini-basket) and website link that I used for this pattern. I took a mix of that pattern, and what I remembered on how to make a basket.

If you want to see the entire diorama process head on over to The Dollplace Project to see how I started my little house.

What projects are you working on to ease your stress?  Share them in the comments!

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