Copper Pipe Ladder

Happy DIY Wednesday! I’m sticking to my plan of updating my bedroom.  Since I’m only taking on one project at a time it’s not overwhelming, nor am I spending every weekend stressing.

I saw this project via Moorea Seal’s: Make Yourself at Home to Discover Your True Self.  My first thought was … I can do this. Check out this easy DIY.

Copper Pipe Ladder


I went to Home Depot and had them cut down the pipe for me.  The connecting joints were pretty easy to find.

11 [1/2 foot long] pieces of 3/4 inch copper pipe
I purchased 2 10ft pipes at $16 ea. and had them cut. 
6 [3/4 inch] copper pressure tees
4 [3/4 inch] copper end caps
Goo Gone [to remove the stickers]

Let’s Assemble!

  • Use the Goo Gone to peel off the bar code and price stickers.
  • Take 4 of the [1/2 foot long] poles, lay them out and connect them with the pressure tees. Repeat this for the 2nd side of the ladder.

  • Attach the three remaining poles to the two sides of the ladder by inserting them into the open pressure tees. This adds the three ladder steps.
  • Attach the end caps to the tops and bottoms.

  • If the joints aren’t nice and tight, reinforce lightly by using super glue to the inside edges of the caps and tees.
  • My joints were really tight to wedge in so I used a hammer with a cloth buffer to push them into the tees.

TIP:  To clean the tarnish off your copper, use a lemon juice and salt mixture.  Rub it over the area and let it sit for 15 minutes, or for as long as need to remove the tarnish. Then wipe it clean with a damp cloth.

And that’s it!

I love, love, love my ladder. It adds a modern touch to my bedroom, and I can store my blankets out of the closet.  This keeps them from getting that stuffy smell when they’re hiding in a basket.

Are you working on refreshing your bedroom or other living space?  Let me know in the comments.  I love to see what your creating.

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