Sunday Journal, Dear Dad

People tend to get wrapped up in gifts trying to find something that will be meaningful. However, the best gift of all may be telling your Dad how you feel or share a happy memory. How about telling Dad what he means to you.

My Dad…

My Dad is a rock, and even though he has dementia, he’s still reaching in his pocket to give my 27-year old daughter change.  To him … his job is always taking care of us and I’m not going to take away anything that makes him feel good. 

My Dad has been there through my financial struggles.  Help with my daughter by making sure she had a snack every day, and delicious dinners on Sunday.  He was there to help with my move and even purchased mattresses for my daughter and me.

When I had my knee surgery he was there making sure that I had what I needed and filling my prescriptions. His knowledge was vast, and even to this day, he’s a wiz at math. He knew things like how to keep the hopping spiders away that we were terrified of [lol]. 

He was a carpenter and could build, paint, and fix literally everything.  It amazed me then as it does now.

Due to his dementia, he doesn’t remember a lot of things, but during his periods of clarity, he’s sharp as a tack. He always knows me when I greet him and he always says “I love you” when I leave.

He’s a man of few words, and while we find ourselves sometimes sitting in silence, it’s those times that are special.  We don’t have to fill the air with a constant conversation, because our relationship is more than that.  He’s my Dad and my love for him is beyond great … I love you Da … Happy Fathers Day! and … To all the Fathers and families I’d like to wish everyone a Happy Fathers Day.  

[header Photo by Jan de Keijzer on Unsplash]