Weekend Relief

Hello Friends and how are you. It seemed as though Friday would never get here, but I’m happy for the weekend.  This week seemed to move at a snail’s pace and proved to be a struggle.

I struggled to get to bed on time and complete my evening tasks, and there was no time to exercise … overall I’m just tired.  As you can imagine, I’m really looking forward to this two-day distraction.

Most of my projects were crammed in on one day, but I’m not playing the blame game.  LOL … here’s a recap of what I’m loving this week.

This Week…

[1] Still taking advantage of my Mom’s day gifts, and I just opened this concentrated cleaner from Grove.  You just add this to about 16oz of water and you have a lightly scented, cruelty-free, all-purpose cleaner.  If you want to try it click the link … Grove Collaborative.

[2] I put together this IKEA storage unit.  It’s not the most sturdy piece of furniture, but it works for now. This allowed me to move all my junk from around my TV.  Now everything looks much cleaner, and I love it.

[3] Also, I assembled this copper pipe blanket ladder.  It was so easy!  That DIY is coming next week.

[4] Loving my summer protective hairstyle.  Hope to keep this in until August, and the time I save getting reading in the morning is well worth it.

Entryway Hacks & Tips

I’ve been obsessed with entryways for the past few years.  It’s the first look into your home or space, and with just a few items you can create a functional and stylish area.  Here are a few hacks and DIYs to update or create a great entryway.

1. Shoe Storage

One way to get a handle on entryway clutter is to tame the shoe situation. This plain shoe cabinet from IKEA hides your shoes stylishly in plain sight. For an extra touch add some leather pulls. See this DIY at House Tweaking.

2. Seating

An entryway bench or seating can help ground your space. It’s a place to put on your shoes or mask as storage, and it’s perfect to decorate. Here’s a quick bench DIY at Grillo Designs, or you can shop several other styles here. Industrial Bench, Spindle Back Bench is shown on Home Bunch, Mid Century Metal Bench.

3. Rugs & Runners

Rugs or runners are can be stylish and functional. They work well if you don’t have a formal entryway but your looking to carve out some space at your doorway. Rugs are great for defining spaces and infusing your own style. You can find this Moroccan style Blythe rug in various sizes here.

4. Mirrors

I couldn’t live without a mirror in my entryway. Whether you like a tall body-length mirror or, a large round style you can find something perfect for your space. Mirrors reflect light giving the illusion of more space.  You can find this one here at Ballard Designs …  or a cheaper version here at Wayfair.

5. Greenery

Some entryways don’t get a ton of light so a faux plant can be ideal for your small space, and there’s nothing like a little greenery to liven up an entryway. They also add color if your space is plain and can bring a natural element to wood or industrial stylings. You can find some great deals at your local Homegoods, Marshalls or Target … or here or live plants here.

6. Small Touches

We can’t forget those small touches that personalize your entryway. Small artwork like a religious phrase, quote, or a “Welcome” sign really add the final touch. With so many options to choose from you can switch out your art with the seasons, or for special occasions.  Find printable here.

Thanks so much for visiting my blog and hanging with me today.  I hope you have a great weekend.  Don’t forget to show some love with a “like” or “follow”.  If you want to join the family … click on that “subscribe” link to get post delivered straight to your mailbox.  — Peace —

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