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May 30-Day Challenge

Hello friends and happy Wednesday.  I’m back with an update on my new 30-Day Challenges for May.


My last post mentioned that I wasn’t taking on any new challenges for April because I wanted to concentrate on the past few months.  Let’s just say that April brought forth some unexpected things so I was a little off my game for the last few weeks.

May Challenge!

I’ve tried to maintain some focus and get back into the swing of things because I want to keep this going.  As a result, I created a 30-Day Challenge template that’s available for download. The printable is two-pages, and I’m still working out the functionality but I just couldn’t wait to share it. My goal is to create a letter-sized writing pad, but I haven’t researched the printing cost to create this … so it remains as a “to-do”.  Here’s what’s up for May!

NO PASTA – Pasta is the one thing that makes my blood sugar spike like non-other… it’s SO MANY CARBS.  It’s not that I can’t have it but I see the benefit in NOT having it. I’m excited to start this for May and carry it over as long as I can.

6-GLASSES OF WATER – While 8 glasses of water are the norm, I work in an office, and I don’t sit near the bathroom, so I have to limit myself to what I can have by the time of day because I also take public transportation.

6-glasses is good to start with to get my body use to frequent bathroom visits.  Water is so beneficial even if you’re not diabetic. It’s can also help distribute more insulin throughout my body thus decreasing my levels.

ORGANIZE MY LINEN CLOSET – Every time I look at it … it gives me stress because it’s not functional.  A few years ago I gave it an update with paint and baskets and at that time it solved the problem.

Fast forward some years, and it’s busting at the seams.  I don’t know if I need to purge more, or just find a better way fold and organize what’s there.  This isn’t like the usual challenges that I’ve posted but I refuse to put this off any longer.  I basically have 30 days to whip this space into shape.

– Here is a recap of the last 4-months –


◈ Take 20 photos this month
◈ Complete a DIY project
◈ Complete one project in my dollhouse
◈ Write one journal entry per week on Penzu

◈ NO eating after 10 pm
◈ 7K steps 5-days a week
◈ Min of 7 hours of sleep on week-nights

◈ NO Starbucks
◈ NO soda or juice
◈ Save $100
◈ Yoga 3-times per week


May is the month to get back on track while incorporating everything from January through March.

The dollhouse project is the only thing I’ve fallen short on because I haven’t found the time. I know that I’m neglecting it, but I will make an effort to add this into another month.  I love working on my dollhouse … it’s one of those things that provide a release from everything and now it’s just collecting dust.

My overall goal is to work on something before the Summer is over.  Here is what I’m sticking with and page 2 of my worksheet.

worksht 30-day-2.jpg
30-Day Challenge Printable, Page 2

Are you tired of setting goals or making resolutions that don’t stick? Try a 30-Day Challenge with me, and share some goals that you would like to achieve this month.  Download my free template here.

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I’ve also updated my Stress Worksheet and you can download that printable here.

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