52 List for Happiness

Sunday Journal: Chit-Chat … 52 List for Happiness [#29]

Hello Friends! … and Happy sanctified Sunday. Are you blessed today … because I’m blessed.  Sunday are beginnings, time to set your intentions to have a positive week.

There is so much negativity in the world today, that sometimes it’s hard to think about happy.  If someone asked you to tell them a funny story … how hard would it be.  “B”, tells me things all the time, but it’s sad when you have to turn to social media to find something happy or funny.  I found myself doing just that for this weeks list. List #29  asks … “List the happiest and funniest stories and news you’ve heard lately”.DSC_8530_edit

  • “B” starts a new job this week
  • “B” and I use movie and TV references for everything, creating this banter for all types of situations.
  • My friend and I were getting out of the car, and gathering our things, but somewhere in the shuffle, we misplaced the car keys. My hands are full of bags and coats, and he’s looking everywhere.  Under the car, between the seat cushions, literally almost everywhere.  I’m asking him, where was the last place he saw the keys, and then I’m like wait … let me put all my stuff down.  Come to find out I was holding the keys all along.  He never lets me forget it, but it was funny at the time.
  • My favorite TV show “Supernatural” got renewed for a 15th season…amazing

TAKE ACTION: Spend some time this week with a friend or a group of friends, trading the beautiful and ridiculous stories you have heard lately.  It’s easy to feel bombarded with negative and heartbreaking news with so much access to information these days.  But you have the opportunity to flip the dialogue and fill your time contemplating the positive.

For this “take action” exercise, I don’t think I’ll be gathering with a group of friends to tell them about the time when I lost the keys, because that’s only funny to the people that it happened to. Funny stories or news are subjectable to the people telling the stories.  You’re telling the story from your perspective … so yes … it’s funny to you but not funny in general.  “B” and I have funny moments all the time but most of these instances are things that are not funny.  That’s just our way of always looking at situations differently.  We find “the funny” in what’s not funny, and then we play off that with all of our interactions.

The point of this exercise is to fill your time with happy moments and not to get caught up in everything that’s happening, while I don’t agree that what I listed above is gonna turn a frown upside-down.  I do agree that it envokes a memory of something that’s happy or something that I can look forward to … so on that note this list works.

ralph waldo emerson_QUOTE.jpg

With that … I’ll close my post today.  Thanks so much for visiting my blog + and with each post in this series, I hope that I can bring some of my happiness to others, because if you have happiness in your heart, then you spread that happiness to others. The 52 List for Happiness: Weekly Journaling Inspiration for Positivity, Balance, and Joy is available on Amazon.  – [Know Thyself] WyeElegant Logo Pack Vol3 CC

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