Friday …What!

Hello Friends … and happy fearless Friday. Did you have a good V-Day yesterday? … Did you have a good week? … I hope so. I’ve found that now in the 2nd week of my 30-day challenge I’m struggling. Struggling to get my nightly rest and my weekly steps, but I’m working on it.

Every weekend I’m working on a project, or purging or cleaning, but I really need some sleep as I’m not getting the hours that I need during the week.  I want to get out of the habit of complaining about how my body feels because every day that my feet hit the floor is a good day, adding up to a good week, so I’m filled with blessings on this Friday.  Speaking of a good week … here is this week in pictures…


[1] I finally started my craft photography course, and I’ve started to apply some of the techniques, which have been very helpful on the blog. Creative Live has courses in just about everything with classes starting at $30, you can learn a new skill in your spare time. [2] I’ve been using this sleep balm for a couple of weeks just trying everything to relax me before bedtime. I can’t tell if it’s working … but I’ll review the product at the end of February. [3] My V-Day treat which was a gingerbread cookie with filling … I really only took one bite. [4] I’m so excited about the yoga gear that I just hauled from the Yoga Outlet. They are having great sales right now on pants, tops, and accessories. [5] Toe socks are the main reason I was shopping at the Yoga Outlet. Whenever I’m doing my yoga my feet are sliding all over the place on my mat. These socks have grips on the bottom and assist me in keeping my feet planted.  They are amazing and they have all types of styles. I wanted the toeless options so my feet can grip my mat for certain poses.

I know that I mentioned that I was taking it easy this weekend, and last weekend I only worked on one project [which I’ll be showing soon on the blog], but I really want to work on some type of no-sew DIY.  I do have a small sewing machine but it’s daunting because I kinda know what I’m doing … but it just seems like more work.  So I’ve been stalking my favorite websites for some no-sew DIY inspiration.  Check out these home decor DIYs.


1. Canvas Drop Cloth + EHow
2. Modern Square Pillows + Love Create Celebrate
3. Drop Cloth Curtains + Anika’s DIY Life
4. Alphabet Tea Towels + Momtastic
5. Wall Hanging + Designing Vibes

Thanks so much for visiting my blog today, don’t forget to “like”, “comment”, and “follow”.  Have a great weekend, and be blessed. — Peace —

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[header image by Heather Ford on Unsplash]