Capture the Moment: Shoot Some Film!

What’s up my homies, and welcome back to the blog.

Hello friends, and how are you this mid-week?  I hope you’re getting plenty of rest, enjoying the warmer temps, staying hydrated, and giving yourself plenty of grace.

How can you enjoy life’s moments when you’re looking at them through your phone?  Have you been to a concert and seen hundreds of people watching the concert through their phones?  (What happened to us?) Why are we consumed with likes and nods?  Why are we NOT living in the moment? Friends, we need to get busy living.

The other day, my daughter and I saw a documentary called ICON: Music Through the Lens on PBS about how photographers captured music icons candidly and in concert.  Many photographers said, “Once you see the picture in your viewfinder, it is already gone.”  What pulled from this was …capture candid moments.

The beauty of shooting film is that you don’t know what you’ll get until your role is developed, and I love seeing my images, whether they are good or bad.  Yes, there is the ease of your smartphone because it’s a right-now-thing, with video and all the cool features they can do, but I love the simplicity of shooting film.

Spring is always the time when something forgotten becomes new, and since the weather is changing, it’s the perfect time to revisit one of my favorite old hobbies.  My hobbies are a beautiful distraction from life stressors and are proven to instantly brighten your mood, improve brain function, and decrease your stress and anxiety levels.

Currently, I have a roll of Kiki pan film that I need to have developed before it expires. But there are some other cool black-and-white films that I want to try.

Kosmo Photo Agent Shadow
FPP Wolfman 100
FPP Dracula 64
Flick Film Electra

Some random nerd film facts about KIKI pan: KIKI PAN 320 is a traditional B&W film. Negatives were made in Germany and converted to the UK. Package designed in HK. This film provides classical high-speed panchromatic film results. It can be processed by most standard B&W developers such as Rodinal, Berspeed, HC-110, etc. It can also be processed by Monobath.

Speaking of developing film, there are still places to develop your film besides the drug store.

Reformed Film Lab
Camera Film Photo
The Darkroom

I do have a Nikon film camera, but I want something lighter with one fixed lens.  My daughter says …”You hardly take pictures anymore,” which is true because I’m overthinking it, and the only place I go these days is to work, grocery shop, or to the doctor, and that’s really a waste of precious film.

Film cameras under $50

I know that film cameras have ebbed and flowed over the years, gaining popularity with the Polaroid-style instant film camera in the bright retro colors, but the film can be a commitment in many ways.  You have to buy your film, decide whether you’re using black and white or color, and develop your film into negatives or scans, which can be a lot.

For me, it’s one more thing on my slow-down list.  Yes (agreed), if I want to see it now, I can use my iPhone, but I put analog photography in the same wheelhouse that I do vinyl records.  If you love the art of it, you just love it….nuff said.



MOMENT: Ilford Sprite 35II

ETSY:  Nippon AR-4392

B & H PHOTO: Kodak M38

ETSY:  Kodak F620 35mm

VICTORY CAMERA | EBAY:  Konica c35 Af2
(Note: I purchased my camera from Victory Camera.  EBay has the item that I purchased.  Mine was a steal because the flash is broken.  Ebay is never my first choice because you never know what you’ll get, and I’ve learned from experience that while they say it works, you really don’t know until you use it.)

Friends, I thank you so much for taking the time to stop by.  My intention is to get my posts out sooner (this was for yesterday), but it just doesn’t always happen as you plan it.  Such is life.  Don’t forget to like and subscribe, and I’ll see you here next time. — Peace.