31 Days of Halloween

31 Days of Halloween: Day #9, The Faculty

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We are at Day #9 in the 31 Days of Halloween in Movies.  For an archive of Days 1-7, click here, and for an archive of all the other Halloween (related) goodies, check out the freebies page.

Today’s Feature

MOVIE: The Faculty
Rated: R
Year: 1998
Director: Robert Rodriguez
IMBD Rating: 6.6
Runtime: 1h 42m
Tomato Meter:  🍅 56%
Genre: Horror, Mystery, SciFi
Splatter/Gore Meter: 6/10 🩸

SYNOPSIS: To the students at Harrington High, the principal and her posse of teachers have always been a little odd, but lately, they’ve been behaving positively alien. Controlled by otherworldly parasites, the faculty try to infect students one by one. Cheerleader Delilah, football player Stan, drug dealer Zeke, and new girl Marybeth team up with some of their other classmates to fight back against the invaders.

MY RATING: (★★★★) We already know George Romero is synonymous with the Living Dead movies. This black-and-white classic is a must-see.  Let’s also note that for a black-and-white movie, it’s pretty graphic. But aside from the gore, let’s add that Duane Jones played Ben as the leading role in a time where African American actors were shown in subservient roles.   And who can forget the line, “They’re coming to get you Barbara.

With all that said …Happy Viewing!

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