A Mental Health, Self Care Check In

What about a Wednesday?

“I can hold two opposing feelings at once. It means I am processing.”

Hello everyone, and Happy “hump-day” Wednesday. I hope everyone is doing well, checking in with your body and mind, staying hydrated, and enjoying the rest of August.

Today it’s time for a mental health check-in. I like to focus on this from time to time as with the state of things, sometimes we suffer and need a check-in with our mind and body.

Adulting is hard, and just like most people, I suffer as well. Age doesn’t necessarily bring you out of this fog. It happens with time and the coping mechanisms I have in place to get me through those gray days. Lately, I’ve been feeling like the walls are caving in and that I have so many demands on me that I just want to put the covers over my head and ignore everything.


Some things just can’t be ignored (i.e., work, financial responsibility, and family). I’m trying not to let “adulting” get me down because I’m not where I want to be financially, emotionally, and sometimes physically.  There’s also the added stress of my parents aging and going through their own health issues (emergency room visits for both my parents in different states), and work demands, start to wear on you emotionally and physically.

I have to allow myself grace and work with the tools that I have so I can maintain and be happy. I often tell myself, “You don’t have to do it all,” “You don’t have to be everything to everyone,” and “I’m not perfect, but I’m ok with that.” These things, these mantras, help me keep my feet planted and live in the “right now” phase.

I try not to ignore the signs my body is giving me, like fatigue, sore muscles, not sleeping well, feeling anxious, and itching out of my own skin.  While these things solely are not an issue, it’s when they’re happening all at once that I pay attention and seek the help that I need.


How I help my mental is through activities like journalling, lots of reading, creating an August Inspiration board, and a Summer Activities Bingo to take a break from adulting and all the things that come into my path.

This activities bingo is not a “to-do” list but a guide of all the fun things I can think of to do this Summer and get me out of my funk.

  • The weather has cooled down a bit, so I’m able to take walks in my neighborhood
  • I’ve read 10 books this Summer
  • I’ve been soaking my feet once a week to de-stress
  • Yoga at night helps me unwind
  • We’ve had 2 game nights
  • I updated my bedroom linens, so they’re lighter and don’t get hot when I sleep
  • The BIG one, I have a date planned, and I haven’t been on a date in at least 4-years, so it should be fun.

I’m proud of what I was able to accomplish and make it fun without it being daunting. If I have to think about it too much, then I won’t do it. Mind over matter.

Since I don’t have any trips planned, I’ve been taking advantage of my city, and seeing friends, visiting the African American History Museum (I loved the Afrofuturism Exhibit) and the American History Museum.  I’ve also hosted my family from Atlanta for a few days.  While it’s hectic when you have family staying with you, it keeps you grounded and in touch with your loved ones.


For my physical body, I see my doctor(s).  My primary care is for a physical and to check in. I have yearly exams like the FIT test, Mammogram, Gyno, and eye exams, and I see an Endocrinologist for my Type 2 and thyroid, as well as my Therapist, to help me see things clearly.

I know and value the importance of taking care of yourself, so not seeing a doctor is not an option.  Whatever it is you do that makes you feel good, whether that is thrifting, crafting, reading, video games, or traveling …get busy doing it.


It’s no secret (I’ve posted about this here) that I’ve struggled with sleep over the years.  My body can’t get rest because my mind is always racing, so I may look at some TV, but I’ve found that reading is the best way to relax my mind along with melatonin.  I’ve also taken to playing these rain video’s I’ve found on YouTube in the background.  Much like nature sounds to me …rain is the thing that’s the most relaxing and aids my mind from wandering.




I hope this post helps anyone who’s struggling mentally right now, it’s no shame in it, and well all need a boost from time to time.  My system is mine alone, and it’s not for everyone, nor is it perfect.  I’ve adapted these things over time,  and they keep changing according to the season or for whatever life it’s giving me at the time.

I hope in your journey to mental wellness, you find the “thing(s)” that work best for you, and with that, I’ll close this blog post today.  Be well, be kind, and give yourself some grace today. — peace