Podcast Sn. 2, It’s a Creepy Story: Episode #18

“Oh, so tired this Sunday.”

You don’t have to be a house to be haunted.”
— Emily Dickenson

Hello friends, I hope your enjoying this Sunday and taking it easy. Please stay hydrated, and remember to check with friends and family.

It’s been an “ok” weekend, and yesterday (Saturday) was a true day of rest. After my eye doctor’s appointment with an Optomap screening, my eyes being dilated, and finding out my eyes are so dry that I can get blisters, I had to abstain from my phone, laptop, and TV for about 75% of the day. I’m glad that my prescription hasn’t changed that much, but it was truly a challenge NOT to watch TV.

So I’m here today with this post.  All my posts next week have been scheduled because I really have to cut back on the time I spend here to protect my eyes, but enough of adulting …. aw here it goes.

**Featured on the Podcast!**

Today’s book review is Dead Eleven by Jimmy Juliano.

On a creepy island where everyone has a strange obsession with the year 1994, a newcomer arrives, hoping to learn the truth about her son’s death–but finds herself pulled deeper and deeper into the bizarrely insular community and its complicated rules. (GOOD READS)

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Arranged, edited, produced, and narrated by Wyetha.
Dead Eleven by Jimmy Juliano



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