It’s A Random Summer Post!

What’s Good!  How ya’ll feelin’?

“I have only to break into the tightness of a strawberry, and I see summer – its dust and lowering skies.” –– Toni Morrison

Hello, my friends, and how are you? …No, really, how are you?  I hope you’re being productive, staying hydrated, checking in with friends and family, and enjoying the season.

This post is some Summer randomness. (LOL)

I try to keep my post pretty structured, because, in my mind, that’s easier to follow.  However, there are times when I create boards and have random things to share.  This is not because I don’t have subject matter or content but because some topics can’t all go in one post, and rather than drag it out with a little bit here and there. I’m adding it all right here.  And so it goes.

My Summer Inspo Board

Last week my summer fun bingo had a space for a vision board, which I created.  I filled it with things that I wanted to do and things that made me reminisce about Summer.  It’s not your popular things like swimming and outdoor activities, but it’s tailored to me, and that’s exactly the way it should be.

My inspo board has my favorite summer colors, and dew on the grass in the morning.  If blogs had smell-O-vision, that barbeque would be perfect, but I love the smell of it, and there’s nothing that says Summer like food on the grill.

Summer is cold popsicles on a hot-ass day, and listening to albums old and new in the evenings.  It’s that fresh pair of kicks (sneakers) that I love showing off right when temps rise. All the sensations make me feel as I try to take my mind off the doldrum of work and meetings and focus on something pleasant.

Music for the Season

What’s Summer without Frankie Beverly and Maze or Mary J, and jazz on Sundays?  Here’s a collection of my favorite Summer tunes.  This graphic is a condensed list of the full list. For a sample medley, click on the Tidal link below.


It’s That Summer Bingo Graphic Again …

I created this Summer Bingo as more of a guide than a “to-do” list, and I’m working my way through all the activities.

I’ve been checking a few things off, but since Summer is not over, I have time to do a few more things.  Reading and new books are always happening. I soak my feet at least once a week.  Unfortunately, it’s been too hot for walks, but I am trying to incorporate some weekend yoga, and planning a weekend trip.

What do you love about summer?  What do you hate about Summer?  Let me know in the comments. Thanks so much for visiting the blog today.  Don’t forget to follow and subscribe, as I really appreciate the support. — Peace

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