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31 Days of Halloween: Day #24 …Have You Learned Anything From Scary Movies?

Welcome to Day #24 of the 31 Days of Halloween.

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Hello loves and how are you?  Are you enjoying this October weather, I am…and I hope you’re doing well, enjoying some festive Halloween activities, staying hydrated, and checking in with friends and family.

Today I’m sharing this fun party game called “Have You Learned Anything From Scary Movies”?

I’m not the “horror movie expert” but personally speaking I would kill at this game which is why I’m always the host and judge.  I have the unfair advantage of age and I’ve watched enough to know what stupid moves NOT to make.

For this game, there are no right or wrong scenarios because the Host/Moderator decides the winner. I’ve played this game with 4 people a few years ago, so my recommendation is a minimum of 4 broken up into teams. I’ve created a printable that you can download here.

This original game is from My Ghoul Friday, but I have made adjustments to the questions.


You are with a group of people going on vacation. Your car runs out of gas in the middle of nowhere. It’s getting dark. You can’t get a signal on your cell phone. There was little to be seen on this deserted road as you traveled, except an old house that looked abandoned, a gas station, a little girl running a lemonade stand, and an amusement park. What do you do?


You are looking to buy a house. What important information should you find out about the property before you buy it?


What is the number one sign that it is time to move out of your current house?


You are running from a monster through the woods. Having watched many horror films, you know you should expect certain things to happen as you try to get away. Name two of them and tell me what actions you should take to increase your chance of staying alive if they happen.


While exploring an abandoned building, your companion finds a dusty old book with leather binding and what might be Latin writing carved into the spine. After he comments on the pretty inverted star with an image of a goat’s head in the center of the cover, what should you do?


You hear a noise in the house. You decide to investigate what caused it and discover it was only the cat. What should you do?


If the power has just gone out, what is the worst room to search?


To escape a crazy man in a nondescript pale mask, you enter an old farmhouse through the storm doors of the cellar. You manage to lock the storm doors from the inside, but when you look up the stairs to the doorway leading to the main level, you realize it has no door to bar. What do you do?


Finish this statement and explain your answer: “Never stand in, on, above, below, beside, or anywhere near a…” what?


While walking along the beach, your friend found an antique necklace and has been wearing it proudly each day during the cottage vacation. Lately, they’re sleeping more, looking pale, wincing at bright lights, and at dinner, they surprise you by speaking another language you didn’t know they had studied. What do you do?


You are watching television. The image flickers and loses its cable connection. You notice an image is slowly emerging from the static on the screen. Your friend happily exclaims “Oh good! The picture is coming back.” What do you do?


You have just shot the crazed psychopath 5 times (twice in the head, twice in the chest, and once in the leg). He has fallen dead on the floor. What do you do?


There is a corpse in a coffin. Buried with it are a rosary, a dead cat, a dagger, and a wilted rose. You have to take something. What do you take?


A monster is chasing you. To your left is your car, to your right is your house, and straight ahead is your neighbor’s home. Where DON’T you go?


You are babysitting. The killer keeps calling you on the phone. What should you do?


Five of you are trapped in a large mansion with something that has already killed off your other companions. You’ve managed to find 3 flashlights, a baseball bat, and of course the switchblade because your creepy friend always brings it with him on trips for some reason. You are all in a bedroom on the second floor planning your next move. What is your plan?


Zombies have risen from the dead. Where is the best place to survive this sudden apocalypse? (Note: you must remain on earth)


Excluding sports equipment, tools (power or otherwise, including axes), and knives, what is the best household item to use as a weapon against a flesh-and-blood monster?


Your group, being stalked by vicious creatures, has decided to split up. You HAVE to pair up with one of them. Which one do you pick as your partner: the science geek, the jock, the cheerleader, the hoodlum, or the quiet pale girl?


Taking into consideration all of the horror films ever made, who or what would be the most dangerous, scariest person/creature to have to fight off or escape from?

This by far is my favorite game of them all, so tell me, do you have what it takes to survive a scary movie, play this game and find out.

Here are a few more great party games for a small group or crowd.

Petrified Pyramid // My Ghoul Friday

Similar to the famous television game show, this game has players competing in teams. They choose categories and attempt to get their partners to guess as many answers in that category as they can within a time limit.

Horror Movie Picture Clues Game

Figure out what movie from the picture clues.  The pictures are purposely outdated to make them more challenging. (The first page is the host sheet with the answers)

Don’t Say Halloween (Luvze)

Give each guest the same type of Halloween-themed clip or something else that they can wear, like a spider ring. The goal is to avoid saying Halloween all night.

If someone is caught saying Halloween, then they give their clip or ring to the person who caught them saying it. At the end of the night, the person with the most clips or rings is the winner.

Halloween Bingo (StudioDIY)

This game is great game for kiddos and adults alike. Check out the free printable here. You can use a variety of candy for bingo chips and give out prizes to the winners.

The Ghost Game (Party Games Etc)

(Party Game Etc.)This great party game challenges your guests to use their 6th sense.  (See full game description by clicking on the link)

Horror Movie Quotes Quiz – Check out the link from me.

What are your plans (if any) for Halloween?  I know it’s on a Monday so most folks won’t celebrate on the day but preferably on the weekend.   Feel free to print the links in this post, and remember if you decide to use some of them on your blog be sure to give the correct link to the creator. Don’t forget to like and subscribe.  I’ll see you back here tomorrow. — Stay Spooky & Happy Halloween!

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