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31 Days of Halloween: Day #11 ~ I Love 80s Horror Movies

Hello friends and welcome to Day #10 of the 31 Days of Halloween.

Halloween Quote
“By the pricking of our thumbs, something wicked this way comes.” ~ Shakespeare

Hello my darlings and how are you?  I hope you’re doing well, enjoying some Fall and Halloween activities, staying hydrated, and checking in with Friends and family.

I’m an 80s kid, so bomber jackets, dookie gold ropes, asymmetrical hairstyles, and Rebokes classics were “the” thing.  Think Salt n’ Peppa without the body suits.  It was a time when we went to Halloween parties but didn’t dress up (LOL).  What I remember most is the music and of course the movies.

Today I’m reposting, revamping, and updating a previous post for my favorite 80s horror movies. 

A little-known fact is that I was always scared to death of anything scary.  You couldn’t even get me in the same room if something scary was on TV (not even cable). I saw my first horror movie [Nightmare on Elm Street, The Dream Warriors] at the age of 20.

Peer pressure is a MF, and as I sat there in the front row (yes the front row because the theater was packed), I thought what the hell am I thinking? (I was so ready to jet)  But, the longer I sat there the more I thought …”is this it?”.

This movie was pivotal in my introduction to horror movies.  There was no backstory, or “the making of” in those days and what you saw was what you saw, but the silliness of it all got me over that fear and as I got older I’ve come to appreciate and love them for what they are.  Entertainment …that is.

My Favorite 80s Horror

A Nightmare on Elm Street ~ 1984

BACKSTORY: Teenager Nancy Thompson must uncover the dark truth concealed by her parents after she and her friends become targets of the spirit of a serial killer with a bladed glove in their dreams, in which if they die, it kills them in real life. (Source IMBD)

The Fog

The Fog ~ 1980

STORY: According to legend, six sailors killed when shipwrecked 100 years ago in Antonio Bay, California, will rise to avenge their deaths when a strange glowing fog appears. The town is commemorating the centenary of the shipwreck and Father Malone discovers that the ship was wrecked by six founding fathers of the town. The vengeance of their victims will be the death of six people. (Source IMBD)

promnight Prom Night ~ 1980

BACKSTORY: A masked killer stalks four teenagers who were responsible for the accidental death of a little girl six years earlier, at their high school’s senior prom.

Lost Boys The Lost Boys ~ 1987

When a single mother and her two sons move to the sleepy seaside California town of Santa Carla, they discover much more than they anticipated in this visually stunning blend of hip humor, horror, and rock ‘n’ roll about the most compelling group of contemporary vampires ever to put fang to vein.

Fright Night ~ 1985

BACKSTORY: Meet Jerry Dandridge. He’s sweet, sexy, and he likes to sleep in late. You might think he’s the perfect neighbor. But before inviting Jerry in for a nightcap, there’s just one thing you should know. Jerry prefers his drinks warm, red, and straight from the jugular! (Source: YouTube)

Creepshow ~ 1982

BACKSTORY: An anthology that tells five terrifying tales inspired by the E.C. horror comic books of the 1950s. (Source: IMBD)

Well friends I’ll end this post here.  Thanks so much for hanging with me today.  Don’t forget to like, and follow. — Happy Halloween!

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