My Abstract Art DIY from the Magnolia Workshop

Hello gorgeous and welcome to the blog today.

How are we well feeling on this fine Friday?  I hope you’re enjoying the weather (rain or shine), staying hydrated, checking in with family and friends, and living happy.

This week has been a bit of a blur with Monday’s holiday.  I’m always thankful for the time off and what it represents but that usually means that the rest of the week goes by in a haze of emails and those “I Need It Now” requests from my staff. (No matter..those killjoys can’t take away shine)

This week I’ve been working on another DIY.  I love creating art for my walls and I’ve really been enjoying the Sunday Workshop which comes on the Magnolia Network.  I can’t do everything they present but it’s really been nice to sit back and watch all the classes.

I’ve been learning about color, styling, cooking, and plant care.  I decided that I wanted to create another piece of art using spackle from the hardware store.

Here’s What I did?

I’ve created this project before by watching YouTube tutorials but this time I incorporated a different technique using the same method as Brian Patrick Flynn who’s one of the instructors on the Sunday Workshop.  Here’s that link.

The Inspiration

I loved the piece he created and I wanted to do something similar.  The custom piece I created last year is great but it’s white, my walls are white, and my curtains are white so it blends in and you can barely see it.  Also, because I didn’t seal it properly every time it’s moved the plaster comes off a bit.  I wanted a framed piece but I didn’t want to pay for the canvas frames that Amazon has.

I lucked out when I visited Goodwill this week and found something to work with.  I wasn’t really searching for anything in particular but I found this framed quote in the art section and I thought it would be perfect.  I would only need spackle, paint, and sealer to get this DIY done.

Check out my Youtube slideshow to see how this turned out.

This piece is still not completely dry so I haven’t tried to hang it.  It’s also a little heavier with the spackle and several layers of paint so I will take extra care.  Once it’s completely dry (next week), I’ll seal it properly so it can last.

I love how this turned out and it’s not such a stretch that it mimics the color of my sofa and pillows (LOL).  I’m hoping to get back to the thrift store soon so I can check out what other little DIY I can make that I will actually use.  Don’t forget to check out the Sunday Workshops on the Magnolia Network, you just may get inspired.

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