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Hello gorgeous and happy Friday.  It’s a good day to have a good day, so I hope you’re enjoying some stress-free activities, drinking plenty of water, checking in with friends and family, and living your best life.


It’s Friday, and I’m glad to get to the weekend but I don’t think it will be a restful one with repair people coming to fix our AC, Bianca’s show opening, and all the adulting one can handle.

As always I’m looking for some TV escapism so I’m sharing just a few things to check out on Amazon Prime.  Don’t forget to check out the prior lists that I shared for what’s good on Hulu and Netflix.  I can’t wait to share everything I’ve watched for my June round-up post.

Some Binge-Worthy Prime Viewing

1. Hanna (Seasons 1-3)

STORYLINE: Hanna is an extraordinary girl who has been raised in the forest, evading the relentless pursuit of an off-the-book CIA agent. This series — part high-concept thriller, part coming-of-age drama — follows the girl on her journey as she tries to unearth the truth behind who she is. “Hanna” is based on the 2011 film of the same name that starred Oscar-nominated actress Saoirse Ronan in the title role. (IMBD)

Harlem2. Harlem

STORYLINE: Four ambitious best friends, Camille, Tye, Quinn, and Angie, navigate relationships and careers.. (IMBD)

Outlaws3. The Outlaws

STORYLINE: Seven lawbreakers from very different backgrounds embark on their community payback sentences, which involve renovating a derelict building in Bristol. The group includes black civil rights activist Myrna, middle-class businessman John, indebted Christian, lawyer Greg, celebrity Lady Gabriella Penrose-Howe, student Rani, and petty crook Frank. As they struggle through their sentences and get to know each other, the group makes a discovery that brings them closer together and challenges their attempt to reform.. (IMBD)

Marvelous Ms. Mazel4. The Marvelous Ms. Mazel (Seasons 1-4)

STORYLINE: TIt’s the late 1950s and Miriam “Midge” Maisel has everything she has ever wanted — the perfect husband, two kids, and an elegant apartment on New York’s Upper West Side. Her seemingly idyllic life takes a surprising turn when she discovers a hidden talent she didn’t previously know she had — stand-up comedy. This revelation changes her life forever as she begins a journey that takes her from her comfortable life on the Upper West Side through the cafes and nightclubs of Greenwich Village as she makes her way through the city’s comedy industry on a path that could ultimately lead her to a spot on the “Tonight Show” couch. The series was created by Amy Sherman-Palladino (“Gilmore Girls”). (IMBD)

5. Herself

STORYLINE: Young mother Sandra escapes her abusive husband and fights back against a broken housing system. She sets out to build her own home and in the process rebuilds her life and rediscovers herself. (IMBD)

From this list, I’ve seen Harlem, and The Marvelous Ms. Mazel, while the other 3 are in my queue to watch on a rainy weekend.  Unlike Hulu and Netflix, Amazon is lacking in its original content, so I’m hoping in the future that they come out with more great original stuff.

Since Amazon is a paid service check out these sources for free movies and TV.

PlutoTV Tubitv

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