New Podcast Episode #3 …A Life Update!

Happy Friday beautiful people and welcome to the blog!

🎶 It’s Friday 🎶, and yes I’m signing my Friday song, because it ain’t nothing wrong with lovin’-up on those weekend days.

Today I’m sharing a Life Update Podcast. Yes I know I haven’t done a Podcast since Black History month but the plan was never to do this every week, but at least twice a month, so hey — I’m not falling behind but just right.

In this podcast I’m sharing everything from living in the semi-new spot, updates about my sleep struggles, work, blog goals, and everything in between.

Podcast Episode #3 …A Life Update!

NOTE: When I mention starter homes in “The State of Virginia” I mean around the DMV area (DC-Maryland-VA), no more than 30 minutes from the city.

Thanks so much for listening and visiting the blog today. I hope you’ll follow and subscribe, as it’s really appreciated. Have a fantastic weekend. — Know Thyself

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