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31 Days of Halloween: Day #23… This Week’s Round-Up

Hello Friends and welcome to the blog today and Day #23 in my 31 Days of Halloween!

It’s Saturday.  Today was supposed to be a relaxing, clean my house, steam my kitchen floor and wash linens day, but my stomach had other plans.  I’ve been going through it this week, dealing with a side effect from a prescirbed medicine as my stomach issues have worsened.

I finally dediced to just stop taking it, becasue my pain management is more important to me than anything.  I can’t be doubled-over in pain, it’s just not exceptable.  So here we are on Saturday, and my stomach is still having issues.  I’m working through it today, and just trying to relax and binge some scary movies, and some of my lists.

I’m really (no really) done with decorating, and what I didn’t get, I’ll get on sale and do it next year.  We are having a small (stress-free) gathering for Halloween, so I’m planning the games, and food, and my daughter will help plan the movie list.  The last time we gathered was 2019, and we had so much fun, so I’m really looking forward to creating some new memories and just kicking back.

Let’s Catch up on this weeks posts!

SUNDAY:  …Day #17…Scary Story Podcast

What’s up people!  Happy Spine-chiller Sunday.  Each week I’ll post a new scary story to the Podcast. (Episode #3)

MONDAY:  … Day #18 … 31 Days of Halloween: Day #18… My Top Zombie Flicks

Zombie movies border on the real-life threat of contagion (of some sort), and the horde of the dead. (Huh…imagine that) From the funny side of these movies, with slow-moving zombies, to track-race zombies, and zombies that talk … there is no way to avoid the apocalypse. (According to the movies below)

TUESDAY: 31  … Day #19 … Gothic Inspired Halloween Decor Ideas

Today is all about “Gothic” Halloween decor.  I love decorating for the Fall and Halloween season.  When I first moved on my own it didn’t hit me how important it was to personalize and decorate your space as it evokes memories and a sense of belonging.

WEDNESDAY:  … Day #20 … Lofi Playlist for Halloween

So it’s that time right .. you know I got that lofi chill mix for Halloween.  It’s perfect to turn on and just let it play during your daily task or just as background music.

THURSDAY:  … Day #21 …What’s Scary on Cable TV? … TV Shows for Halloween

Today TV is what’s on agenda and I’m sharing what’s scary on network cable TV.  Cable networks have bumped up their game when it comes to limited series and Halloween is no exception.  There are a few that are definately worth watching and the others …well the jury is still out on those.

FRIDAY:  … Day #22 …6 Binge-Worthy ’90s Horror Flicks

As we moved into the ’90s, horror movies changed, and they reflected everything we were obsessed about, and what scared us. We began to make fun of it’s 80’s predecessor with phrases like … “I’ll Be Right Back” [because we know you’ll never be back].


Thanks so much for visiting the blog today.  Stay tuned for the last week of the 31 Days of Halloween series, and don’t forget to like, comment, and subscribe. — Happy Halloween! —

Header Photo by Toby Osborn on Unsplash