31 Days of Halloween

31 Days of Halloween: Day #19 … Gothic Inspired Halloween Decor Ideas

Welcome back to my 31 Days of Halloween series.  Today is Day #19, and I’m sharing some Gothic-inspired Halloween decor ideas.

Today is all about “Gothic” Halloween decor.  I love decorating for the Fall and Halloween season.  When I first moved on my own it didn’t hit me how important it was to personalize and decorate your space as it evokes memories and a sense of belonging.

I’ve never had a particular style and since I’m in a small space, I created Halloween inspired niches on everything that has a surface.  Decorating with pumpkins, signs, lanterns, and leaves, are fun, but I’m partial to the Gothic-Poe style of decorating for Halloween.

Here are just a few ideas to create a Gothic-Poe-esq space or niche in your home.

Tablescape or Niche Items

Vintage bottles or decanturs maybe hard to find, but I wouldn’t spend a ton of money looking for them.  My amber glass jars are kombucha bottles, that I cleaned out, and some I ordered a while back.  Your best bet is thrift stores, estate sales, or Etsy, if you can find a good deal.  The Mythic Market on Etsy has a good selection, and Micheal’s has clear cork bottles (starting at $2.99) that you can add spices or spanish moss to for a gothic look.

 Another idea is to fill clear apothocary jars with anise, or whole black pepper corns

Other Miscellanoeous Decor Items

Filler items like black or blue peonies or roses, spider webbing, candles, and black cheesecloth, are always available at Amazon or Michael’s.  However if you wait till October for these items, at Micheals or Joann’s … they’re already gone. Other larger items like old flower pots or vessels can be found at your local thrift store and you can spray paint, them black or use a brass colored rub-n-buff for an antique look.

Special Items like a Crystal Ball, cloches or stones are also on Amazon and Etsy. But you’ll find the cheapest at Michael’s.

Picture Frames are a staple at thrift stores, and all under $8 dollars.  Even if you can’t find a black frame you can always use a matt spraypaint for a gothic-halloween look. There tons of images, quotes and poems you can print off or have printed for under five dollars. …Note:  I’d been looking for an antique-like mirror for my small foyer area and I found a large one at the thrift store for $10 bucks.

Skulls (large ones for your table top) are actually harder to find at this time of year, or they are really expensive.  I got my years ago and it was originally silver but I spray painted it a matt black and I’ve been using it for years on my dining table.  Rub-n-Buff is also a great alternative because everything doesn’t have to be black.

Some Additional Decor Items

Handbook for the Recently Deceased (Beatlejuice Replica)
Black Birds
Skeleton Hands

Here are just a few more Halloween Decor Ideas from Pinterest.

witch table

Me and Annabel Lee


The Makerista


The Makerista

Halloween Table GaGoHome



The Honey Bee by Andee Layne


Check out these stores for your Halloween fare

Michael’s Craft Store
Hobby Lobby
Home Depot
Goodwill (or local Thrift Store)
Consumer Crafts
The Craft Outlet

At this point I’m done tweaking mine…but who am I kidding. Sometime I (literally) come downstairs, look at a spot and decide to move things around. (LOL)

Do you decorate with a theme for Halloween? Let me know in the comments. Thanks so much for visiting my blog today. Don’t forget to subscribe for more posts in the series as we move closer to Halloween. — Boo —

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