My Favorite Tunes for Autumn | 2021

Hello friends and subbies. Thanks for landing here today and spending some time with me.

Here we are at the 3-day mark, and it’s been a great week.  I took some time off this week to basically unplug from work, and get my house in shape.  I’ve done all the deep cleaning, organizing, Youtube binging, and a Cricut project.  But just having time to do what I want … or not, is a blessing.  I’m hoping to travel in November when things calm down but right now, I’m just nesting and enjoying my space.

Today I’m sharing my favorite tunes for the Autumn Season.  I’ve been curating this list for a few years, to get it just right, but I feel I’ll be tweaking it for some time as my mood changes. I’ve had several lists over the years with Pandora, and others, but my daughter starting paying for Tidal, and now I can listen to what I want or whatever I’m in the mood for.


Check out the list on Tidal

The entire list is not shown above but click on this Tidal link to listen to a preview of all the songs in my “I Love Fall” playlist.

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header Photo by freestocks on Unsplash