My Modern Amazon Decor Picks

Hello Friends and welcome to the blog today.

It’s a wonderful Wednesday, the temperatures are warming up (not my favorite), my co-workers are already talking about vacations as we head into the 3rd week of May.  I can’t believe how fast this year is moving.

It’s only been 2 1/2 months since I moved into the house and I’m still trying to get my decor style down for the summer.  You would think it’s not hard to decorate when everything is white, but it kinda is. (LOL).

My Decor Style

I love modern decor, with wood tones, and some mid-century touches added in, but I’ve always been funny about color.  Colors can be on-trend or just a favorite color, and I love way too many to decide on just one.  I’m also trying to minimize the clutter of having extra decor that I’m not using.

Neutrals have been my go-to because they work with anything, so I’ve searched style boards, Pinterest, and Amazon to find a few items that will give any space a modern touch. Here’s my style board!

My Amazon Decor Picks

Shop this list!

1. Plant pots // 2. Wood pedestal stool // 3. Stay Humble Print // 4. Mid-Century Chandelier Pendant // 5. Mid-Century Woven Dining Chair // 6. Grapewood branch // 7. Metal blanket ladder // 8. Make Life Beautiful Book // 9. Paulownia Wood Serving Bowl // 10. Modern steel watering can

Ultimately your design style is what you make it.  Whether you like accents in blues or creams and almond tones your decor reflects your personality and style.  If you like Farmhouse accents or a cozy feel to your home, you can get inspiration from Pinterest, blend those ideas with your own style and make your home however you wish it to be.

Thanks so much for visiting the blog today, and I hope I’ve given you some inspiration.  Don’t forget to follow the blog and subscribe. — Peace —

Header Photo by Maksim Goncharenok from Pexels