This Weeks Photo Challenge!

Hello Friends and welcome to the blog today!

What’s up party people, it’s Friday, and I am over-the-moon happy for the weekend. In general, I just feel tired as some tasks for my job begin to wear on me.  You would think that after 22 years of service that nothing would phase me.  But I still get hot when folks over-step their boundaries.

Mothers Day weekend (last weekend) was fantastic and I was treated to some lovely gifts, which I’ll share in a haul soon.  It was a great day where we kicked back and relaxed.

Today I’m sharing more photo’s but as the weeks wear on, the subject matter becomes a challenge.

When you’ve photographed everything you can in your house … where do you go from there?  For me not very far so for this challenge I gave myself a few parameters.

50mm Lens Only
Use filters in processing
Darker backgrounds

So when I say post-processing I know folks are wondering, why I need to process digital photos. 

“Post-processing is the process of editing the data captured by a camera while taking the photo taken to enhance the image. The better the data captured from a camera to create the photo the better the enhancement possibility is”. [WikiBooks]

I post-process (almost) every photo because only 2 out of 10 require nothing.  This is due primarily to lighting, or what I see in my lens isn’t what I’m capturing.  I also want to play on other aspects like clarity, backgrounds, and add a preset filter.  I use Adobe Lightroom and Photoscape to process my pictures. 

Photoscape is free, but Adobe is a monthly subscription unless you want to pay outright for the software, and then pay additional for updates.  Due to the constant classes, I was taking, I thought it best to just have a subscription to Photoshop and Lightroom, as it’s the most cost-effective. 

This last week I purchased 4 Lightroom presets on Etsy by CCPresent Warm and Cozy, Light and Airy, Golden Hour, and 35mm Film.
CC preset Etsy Graphic canva
Light & Airy Preset by CCPreset on Etsy

The cost is minimal but the effects are beautiful and I love how you can create a different look or theme for your images.

Show and Tell

Check out my slideshow of photos this week.  This slideshow was created in Canva, which is one of my favorite blogger tools.






I really enjoyed the process of working with my photos this week.  It wasn’t stressful and I took my time.  Unfortunately, I haven’t found any free Adobe preset links that I can pass on to you, and I would warn you about downloading from unreliable sources.  I would much rather prefer to pay $4-$10 dollars for a preset from Etsy, Behance, or Creative Market.

My Portfolio

Original Portfolio Website
Unsplash Library

Want to Learn About Photography?

I recently joined Skillshare, and I am over-the-moon happy to enhance my skills and some new techniques.  Skillshare is not just photography instruction but just about everything you can think of, from crafts to lifestyle,  and everything in between.  Head on over to Skillshare and use my code at check out to get 40% off the annual membership with “annual40aff” or click on any of the links above.

Thanks so much for visiting the blog today, stay tuned for more photo challenges as I continue on this journey. Don’t forget to follow the blog and subscribe as it really helps out my little site.  — Peace —

Header Photo by Clarisse Meyer on Unsplash