My Favorite Food and Lifestyle Blogs: Spring Edition

Hello Friends and welcome to the blog today.

Bloggers and YouTubers are more than just folks talking about what they love or what they do in their spare time. I find them to be helpful teaching tools.  I find some of the best information, about home life, decor, cooking, and budgeting from content creators.

Today I’m sharing a few of my favorite lifestyle blogs that I’ve been following over the years.  Some I’ve followed longer than others, but I’ve come to know and love them all.

ONE Apartment Therapy 

Apartment Therapy taught me that an apartment can be beautiful and embody everything you love.  I always saw apartments as temporary; an in-between to something more permanent.  But as I’ve become older and wiser I know that was foolish thinking. An apartment is as much your home as something you own, and just because you don’t own doesn’t mean you’re limited to how you can decorate it.

I would visit AT daily (it was a morning coffee ritual) for inspiration in small space style, how to take care of plants, and watching people transform their spaces into something wonderful.

 TWO Homey Oh My

Amy from Homey Oh My is the queen of DIY and modern design.  I love, love, LOVE her style.  To some, it may be too cold or too modern but I love a basic cream, black and natural tones.  Several of my DIY post and design ideas are from Homey Oh My who is also featured on Apartment Therapy. (small world)

I first found this site via Pinterest (where you find all things).  Then I went through Homey Oh My delving more into some of the creative ways Amy styles her home and finding cheaper storage solutions, and beautiful DIYs.

THREE A Beautiful Mess

I can remember when I came across A Beautiful Mess blog.  It was in the infancy of my blogging days when I started out on blogger.  I had no followers, no fancy site, just me blogging about whatever came along.  They responded to my questions, and I loved their style, the website, and everything about it. I modeled my blog style after theirs.

I could follow home decor trends, how to create a website, and finding what inspired me.  They had classes for DIYs and most importantly they posted A LOT of content about photography.  (Need I say more).  I’ve followed them off and on throughout the years, after adding staff, a book launch, courses, and apps, Elise and Emma are “the” brand (A Beautiful Mess) and still blogging about what they love.

FOUR Old World Home + YouTube

I’ve been watching Hilary’s channel “Old World Home” since 2013.  I came upon it around the Fall season when everyone was doing this thing called “Vlogtober” and I loved her style. She is a Mom of 3 living simply and showing us that you don’t need a big space to live comfortably and take care of your family.  Everything from organizing to thrifting, and living big on a small budget … I took a few lessons from her.

FIVE Farmhouse on Boone

Lisa from Farmhouse on Boone is an inspiration to me through her cooking.  It’s not fancy but it’s hearty, homemade, and delicious.  Lisa has a blog and Youtube channel that I follow to see her life on the farm and comfort food recipes from scratch, and everything in between.  With that said I can’t make everything from scratch but the recipes I’ve made so far, my family loves.


Thanks so much for visiting the blog today.  What are some of your favorite blogs, or YouTube channels?  Share them down in the comments. I hope everyone has a great day and don’t forget to subscribe below..  — Peace —

header Photo by Lauren Mancke on Unsplash