5 Black-Owned Business on Etsy

Hello and Happy Friday Friends! Welcome to the blog today.

In honor of the month, I’m starting “black-owned businesses” Friday, in which each week February, I’ll list a few black-owned businesses. Today I’m listing a few businesses found on Etsy.

It’s no doubt that during the pandemic several small businesses have struggled to stay afloat.  I think it’s important to support your smaller owned business during this time. The items are hand-crafted or selected by artists that have a unique style from what you might find in Target or your big box stores.


Black-Owned Businesses on Etsy

The Pink Locket

I would define The Pink Locket’s style of jewelry as modern minimalist jewelry. Even though it’s minimalistic in nature, the jewelry pieces still make a statement when worn. The definition of minimalist jewelry is anything in which the simplest or fewest objects are used to conceive a single jewelry piece. I believe that our minimalist jewelry designs leave room for a clean overall look, but still, have a bit of edge to it. (Source: Kamila, The Pink Locket on Etsy)


Apparel and accessories for the awesome women in your life be it family, friends, or yourself! These products are fun, flirty, cool, bold and everything in between. (Source: Soncere, SaltyLit on Etsy)


Part-time artist Lauren is an LA-based artist and graphic designer. Inspired by women of color and the nature all around us. Most of her creations begin on an iPad while at home or road-tripping somewhere in California. (Source: Lauren, ThatArtsitLauren on Etsy)


I created PinkimonoPapers out of my love of pretty stationery. I’ve seriously been collecting it since the sixth grade. (Seriously, I can show you desk sets and my sticker book from the ’90s.) So I figured why not do what I love and glam-craft some pretty stationery of my own for other people. (Source: Amber, PinkimonoPapers on Etsy)


I have been creating handmade skincare products since 2009. I’d add a little something to my conditioner to make it more moisturizing or add something extra to my lotion to keep dryness away.

After I had my son, I realized how much I cared about the products and ingredients that I was putting on his skin. I started making my own body butters and creams for my immediate family.  I decided to put my dreams into action by developing handmade skincare products. (Source: Sasha McClanahan, DEMINATURALS on Etsy)

This was a great exercise down the rabbit hole of businesses.  I love “virtual” window shopping and adding items to my favorites and list for upcoming purchases.  Again I believe it’s so important to support these businesses and keep things thriving.  I’ve already purchased some stickers from Pinkimono Papers, and I can’t wait to purchase several other items.

Thanks so much for visiting the blog today.  If you have a list or know of any Black-owned businesses, feel free to list them in the comments. Don’t forget to follow and subscribe to the blog. — Peace —

Header Photo by Daria Shevtsova from Pexels