My Biggest Regrets in 2020

Hello Friends and welcome to the blog today.  Today is my Monday sip & spill and I’m talking about my biggest regrets in 2020.

Friends, it’s been a minute (I know), but I’m back and refreshed and ready to begin a new season of blogging here on Life By Wyetha.  2020 has been one of those years, but I like to look back on it in a way that doesn’t make me sad, but I do have some regrets over decisions made last year, and what I should have done differently.

#1 Moving to my Current Home

My whole year started off upside-down because my previous landlord told me she was selling, which meant looking for a new place in 40 days.  I didn’t make the best decisions because I was so focused on finding something that was convenient for both of us.

I decided to stay in my building, but we soon realized that I should have made a clean break and moved on.  A friend told me that “you get to a point where you have to just say to yourself money is money and is it worth my happiness”.

Turns out it was. Spending just a little bit more per month, and working out a deal with the lease would have meant less headache.  But hey…live and learn.

#2 Trying Buying a Home Too Soon

Friendly advice can be helpful but sometimes the advice that’s given is not for you, or you or your needs.

My main goal was to stay at my current residence for 2-years while I saved for a downpayment on a home.  This plan was good in theory, but we didn’t know the problem with the “new” unit beforehand.  But I will say sometimes when things seem too perfect, it’s really all an illusion.

Two months into my lease and we were done. Moving then was not a choice.  I started looking into a home purchase and I had lenders and real estate agents all telling me different things.  The disappointment was at every turn.  This made me miserable for several months and putting my cat down in this process magnified that x 10.

I don’t want to be rushed into buying a home. It should be something that I comfortable with, and I don’t want to be bullied or pressured into buying because the market is great.

24-hours is not enough time to decide on the biggest purchase of my life. It makes me angry when I think about it but this was also a great learning experience of what NOT to do.

#3 Speaking up When It Counts

I’m thankful for many things and my job is one of them.  So many people have lost their jobs or were laid off during the pandemic but I kept my job and got my yearly raise so I’m thankful for this.

However, what do you say when your boss asks you to come into work for menial tasks when he isn’t asking anyone else to do so. My boss knows that I’m an “at-risk” person for this virus, but I’ve found that if I don’t speak up for myself, no one else will.

Life is unfair, I get that, but I always have to be steps ahead when most of the staff are lagging behind. So I do regret not speaking my mind, and saying what I really felt.  It’s that fine balance of not being disrespectful, but standing your ground.  Or, whether you believe that respect is just given or earned.

It’s always been a delicate balance at work. You want to show your boss that you can work and be efficient. But I’ve learned in my 22 years (on my job) that’s it’s best to work smart…not hard, do your research and copy people on everything you send.  Again live to learn.

Looking Back

When I think about my biggest regrets for 2020 it seemed that this list would be longer, but I have to be honest and do what is in my power to do and I try not to have too many regrets in life.  I want to focus on the upcoming and everything that’s positive.

We made it to the other side and now we’re here in 2021, healthy, wiser, stronger, and more resilient.  I have nothing but love going forward and I thank God for sustaining me through all this drama and stress.  I can’t wait to begin this new chapter, so head up, eyes open, deep breath…Know Thyself.

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header Photo by Stephanie Harvey on Unsplash