Happy New Year, Enter 2021!

Hello Friends and Happy New Year! 2021 Here We Go.


Hello to all my friends.  Here we are in 2021.  I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted, and no…Wyetha has not fallen off the map, but I did need to step away for a while, regroup, relax, re-access…ya know all the re’s.  (LOL)

Today is not a full-on post, because I’m actually on vacation (from work anyway), but I wanted to check-in.  I’m excited about the blog for 2021, and I can’t wait to share my upcoming post with you.


Some future topics coming soon…

My Biggest Regrets for 2020

Why I Never Do New Years Resolutions

Upcoming Home Plans for 2021

Boost of Energy from My Biggest Cheerleader

What’s Happening With the New Home Purchase

My Reason for Moving On

So I’ll end this post here, and continue to enjoy my New Years’ with prayer and being with family, as well as connecting with others.  I send out prayers and well wishes to everyone, wish you all a happy, prosperous new year. — Peace–

Header Photo by Melnychuk Nataliya on Unsplash