12 Days of Christmas

12 Day of Christmas … Day #4, My Holiday AM Routine

Hello Friends and welcome to the blog today.  We’re on Day #4 of the 12 Days of Christmas, and today I’m sharing my AM routine before work.


Hello Friends!  Today is a first of firsts because I don’t think I’ve ever shared an AM routine.  Somehow I didn’t think it would work without a visual.  I’ve seen all kinds of morning routines via YouTube so today I’m gonna try my hand blog-style.


LBW Disclaimer

My workday routine is pretty simple and without it, I would be unfocused and all over the place.  This routine takes just a little over an hour and it’s the best one I’ve adapted in a long time.

GoodObjects_AtHome_IllustrationsWakey, Wakey … Eggs, and Bakey 

I usually arise at about 7:45 am.  At the beginning of the pandemic, I would get up around 7:00 am but that didn’t last.  I was also heading to bed later.  But I’ve learned that 7:45 is enough time to get things done.

MedsIllustration_AnaSakutaAM Rituals 

My AM routines are essential to get my morning going. So after the bathroom pleasantries, I take my vitamin gummies.  Why is this different than Spring or Summer, because I’ve added apple cider vinegar vitamin gummies to the ritual.  So every morning I take those, a D3 vitamin, and (on most days) my Ritual vitamins.  This cocktail also includes my type 2 meds.

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Skin Care

After I brush my teeth it’s time to take care of my skin.  Oh let me back up currently I use a Quip brush and I love the bristles but after 2 years the heads won’t stay on so imagine trying to brush while the head is falling off.  I’m switching to a Burst soon.  But I digress.

BeautyIllustrations_GoodObjectsMy winter skincare routine is important as my skin feels dry in areas. (I have combination skin)  I’m currently experiencing some breakouts in a few areas on my cheeks and along my jawline. So I make sure to cleans, I use a witch hazel toner, brightening serum, and moisturizer.

Get Informed 

I tune into CNN for a little while.  I don’t spend too much time watching it but just enough to see what’s happening, and just enough not to make me crazy.  This plays in the background while I’m getting myself together.

Hot Shower Relief 

A super-hot shower is one of the best parts of the morning.  My joints are stiff when I wake up, and now that I’m older my body appreciates that heat to help relax my muscles and shake out all the sleep.

AdobeIllustrations_DressedGet Presentable

Truth be told I use to really get dressed every day.  No more than jeans and a top but I made the effort to get presentable.  These days during the fall and winter months it’s just activewear because being comfortable is what matters.

Sweep Out the Cobwebs

Yes, that’s exactly what I mean.  I will do yoga stretches every morning before a workday and I make sure not to miss this step.  Two days a week I add a quick squat routine.  It’s like sweeping out the cobwebs in my body.  I’ve found that sitting 65% of the day wreaks havoc on my hips and back so make sure to get a good stretch and some meditation in.

Yoga Illustation_Etsy_GoodObjects

I’m also repeating my daily bible affirmations.  As most of us are still in this, it’s been a difficult year, and there is no way I could have gotten through any of it without prayer.  I also make sure to drink some water at this point or have my Karma water.  (So refreshing)

Illustrations_GoodObjects_AdobeEmails & Coffee

I know your thinking by now…why aren’t you eating.  Yes, I do eat, it’s the last thing I do before I really start, but before that, I’ll brew myself a coffee and read through my emails.  This just gives me a jump on anything I have going on.  I also want to make sure I can take care of anything pressing, so I just sip my coffee and read.

Now it’s Time for Breakfast


Having breakfast is always the last thing I do.  One reason for this is that I need to sign on at work by a certain time.  Breakfast is certainly the most important part of my morning, and I keep my keep it light. I know I shouldn’t eat while I work but my mornings consist of reading clips for work, so I can take my time and enjoy my meal no matter how large or small.

These past few months have been difficult.  The pandemic, not being happy in the spot I just moved to (it’s been 9-months), looking for a new home, and not being able to be with friends and family…just to name a few.

My days are up and down, but the one thing that remains a constant is this routine.  Some people can change it up, but I’m a person that needs structure so this is perfect for me.  The weekend is the only time it varies.

That’s concluded my AM Winter Holiday routine.  Thank you so much for visiting and I hope you consider subscribing to the blog, so you don’t miss any posts in the 12 Days of Christmas series.  Have a great day and Happy Holidays! — Peace —

Header Photo by Ilona Frey on Unsplash

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