November at Home … Creating a Space for Nesting

Welcome to the blog! Today I’m sharing how you can make your home cozy for the November season.

Hello friends!  How is everyone doing this Friday?  Are you going mad yet…well “We all go a little mad sometimes”?  I bet you never thought in your wildest dreams that we would still be Teleworking and doing things at home after 8 months … but here we are.

Home in November

What makes your home … your home?  What the one thing about it that you always love to come back to.  Is it your bedroom, because a bedroom means rest and relaxation.  A small reading nook where you spend hours in a story.  Or is it your kitchen because you love making and creating new things.

I love all these areas, but my home hasn’t felt like mine (as of late) because I know it’s temporary.  Even if you rent your home is still your space for creativity but since I moved here in March it’s never felt like what I thought it would.


If you have the option to paint your space then by all means add some color.  Maybe you just want the simple, unfiltered look of white or cream.  Whatever you decide make it your own, with an accent wall in a bold color.  Subtle changes like paint color can really make a difference and bring your space together.



Mistana Chair-Wayfair

Finding some good seating can be the key to help ground the space your decorating.  Something for a bedroom corner, reading nook, additional seating in your living room, or an office area can really pull your space together nicely. MISTANA CHAIR – WAYFAIR

Layered Rugs

Never underestimate the power of layered rugs.  Yes as crazy as it sounds layered rugs add so much texture and color to your space.  You can start with a plain jute rug and add a faux fur or graphic printed rug on top.  Layered rugs really give your space a cozy feel perfect for the season.

Style #1 Source … Style #2 Source 



Art, photo’s and digital images can transform a blank wall, into something that really reflects your personality.  Art doesn’t have to be what’s trending, because it’s a personal reflection of all the things you love that give you inspiration.  Some great outlets for art are Desenio, Society 6, and even Target.

Soft WavesLa Lune … Winter Morning


Show your space some love with a few accessories.  This is where you really get to reflect your style because objects have different meanings to different people.  Antique trinkets passed down from family members, something your children made for you, candles, pillows, trays, and trinket boxes can all bring your space together.



So if your home is not what you want it to be, or if it’s not appealing then there are so many things you can do by way of decor and paint to create a space that cozy and welcoming.

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Photo by Storiès on Unsplash
November Home Nest