31 Days of Halloween

31 Days of Halloween: Day #30 … What’s Happening on Halloween?

Hello friends and welcome back to my 31 Days of Halloween series.  Today is Day #30, and I’m sharing my Halloween plans.


This year has forced everyone to rethink how they entertain, and I’m no exception to the rule.  Last year we were supposed to be a party of 6 but we were actually 4 (including me) but it was still perfect.  This year it will only be the 3 of us, so I’ll have to make my planned games work.

My daughter and I already have our Halloween shirts, snacks planned and movies ready for a fun weekend filled with horror movie trivia and scary stories.  I’m hoping to remember to pull my camera out at some point to take some pictures.

Halloween _2_2020

“B” also got me a Camp Crystal Lake Tee, and some Frankenstein socks. LOVE IT!

We always breakdown our movie watching into a few days, because I think if we tried to watch them all in one day … we would be too tired to enjoy it.

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Movies For The Weekend

We are having a JamieLeeCurtis-Movie-Thon which will be 5 movies in total. (These classic movies are so fun)

2020 JamieLee-A-thon

Prom Night * The Fog * Terror Train * Halloween * Halloween 2

We are also watching some classic movies over the weekend like Hocus Pocus, and “It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown”, as well as one or two other classics like “The Bat” or Carnival of Souls.

Halloween Snack-age

We always make a few sweets, but we also like savory.  So. we just have a few things planned.  I mean … it’s not Halloween without rice crispy treats…right? So here’s is what we’ve planned.

Halloween snackage 2020

Cheeseboard found from Joyful Healthy Treats

Frankenstein Rice Krispy Treat from Your Cup of Cake

Halloween Pizza Skulls from Plain Chicken

There will also be popcorn, brownies, wine, and of course a little candy.

Halloween Games

I know our weekend is already packed full of good Halloween fun, but we always play a few games.  So a movie quotes quiz, some horror movie trivia, and a Horror Movie picture game we played last year.  Since it’s the same people, I want to see how well we remember everything.

If you want the full post check out my Fun Halloween Games post here.

Halloween _1_2020

Well, that’s gonna wrap up my Halloween fun. What are you doing this weekend? Be sure to share it down in the comments.  Thanks so much for visiting my blog today. Make sure to subscribe to the blog for more fun. — Happy Halloween!”

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