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31 Days of Halloween

31 Days of Halloween: Day #27 … Fun Halloween Games to Play

Hello Friends and welcome back to the blog.  Today is Day #27 in the 31 Days of Halloween series, and I have a shortlist of Fun Halloween Party Games.


This year due to COVID folks aren’t having any large parties, and with good reason.  So I’ve removed a few games that require large groups and modified some others.  If your gathering in small groups (6-10 people…gotta stay safe y’all), these party games are perfect.

These games will test your knowledge, creativity, and expand your love of the season.  The best part is that all of these games are free, and the only thing you’ll need is your imagination, time, and eager people willing to play.

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Halloween Party Games

Halloween Pumpkin Header_felipe-vieiraHalloween Scavenger Hunt

This scavenger hunt game has you going around the town for your goodies, but it can be modified to small groups, and solely in your yard or around your home.

matthew-t-rader_unsplashHave You Learned Anything From Scary Movies?

See if you have what it takes to make the right decisions so they don’t meet a fatal end. (Find the PDF here —> Have You Learned Anything From Scary Movies?)

maxime-roedel-unsplashHorror Movie Picture Clues Game

Figure out what movie from the picture clues.  The pictures are purposely outdated to make it more challenging. (The first page is the host sheet with the answers)

Halloween Quotes game, 2020Halloween Movie Quotes

I posted this fun quiz on Day #21 in the series.  These popular quotes will test how much you know about scary movies.  You can find the paper sheet here or the live quiz here.

Would You Rather

I posted this fun game on Day #13 in my series.  This “Halloween” Would you Rather is great for your Zoom parties or in person.  It’s a great conversation starter and good with any amount of people … even a party of 2.  (Would U Rather, Halloween PDF)

Halloween Unsplash ImageDon’t Say Halloween (Luvze)

The goal is to avoid saying Halloween all night.  At the end of the night, the person with the most clips is the winner. (Click on the link for the full game description.)

Halloween Bingo StudiologyHalloween Bingo (StudioDIY)

This game is a great game for the kiddos and adults alike. Check out the free printable here. You can use a variety of candy for bingo chips and give out prizes to the winners.


The Ghost Game

(Party Game Etc.)This great party game challenges your guests to use their 6th sense.  (See full game description by clicking on the link)

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