6 Shows You’ll Want to Stream for the Fall Season

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Today I’m here with my shortlist of 6 Shows You’ll Want to Stream for the Fall Season.  I’m excited as temps are already starting to get just a little bit cooler.

This short curated list is reminiscent of Fall because of the Fall foliage, creepy subject matter, or that warm tingly feeling you get as the seasons change.


6 Shows You’ll Want to Stream for the Fall Season


Lovecraft Country ~ Available to Stream on HBO

SYNOPSIS: Atticus Black joins his friend Letitia and his Uncle George to embark on a road trip across the 1950s Jim Crow America in search of his missing father.[Source IMBD]

COMMENTS: I’m 5 episodes in and OMG it’s so good.  A deeper look into Black History … Lovecraft Country mixes the Jim Crow era with a touch of science fiction.  A bonus is that Jordan Peele is behind it so it’s definitely great for an early Halloween binge.

Stranger Things~ Available to Stream on Netflix

SYNOPSIS: When a young boy disappears, his mother, a police chief, and his friends must confront terrifying supernatural forces in order to get him back. [Source IMBD]

COMMENTS:  If you haven’t seen this.  Where have you been? It’s everything I remember from the 80s with a little horror, sci-fi, and nostalgia built right in.  Season 4 was scheduled to start in September but was put on hold due to pandemic.  I’ve been reading that it’s starting up again but no premiere date has been scheduled. (So this is a great time to binge the past seasons)

October Faction ~ Available to stream on Netflix

SYNOPSIS: A semi-retired couple who work for a clandestine monster-hunting agency discover dark family secrets and the truth about their employer after their magically inclined nigh adult kids reawaken a witch bent on revenge.. [Source IMBD]

COMMENTS:  There are mixed reviews about this show but so far it’s about what I expected.  It made “my” list because it’s all things you’ll love about Fall.  The mystery, foliage, and the things that go bump in the night. I’m only 4 episodes in so I will give a final review soon.

Gilmore Girls ~ Available to Stream or purchase on Amazon and Netflix

SYNOPSIS: Welcome to quaint Stars Hollow, Connecticut. People often mistake Independence Inn’s manager, headstrong single mom Lorelai Gilmore, and her equally willful teenage daughter, Rory, for sisters. Lorelai and Rory cope with the same emotional ups and downs, including Lorelai’s overbearing, old-money parents and the joys and frustrations of the male gender.

COMMENTS:  This show will forever and always make my Fall TV show list.  It’s everything you’ll love about the Fall season.  In fact, the show starts off in Fall and ends in the Summer.  I’ve watched this 7-Season series at least 5 times over and it will never get old.

Twin Peaks ~ Available to stream on Netflix or purchase on Amazon

SYNOPSIS: A crime drama mixed with healthy doses of the surreal, this series is about FBI Agent Dale Cooper, who travels to the small logging town of Twin Peaks to solve the murder of seemingly innocent high schooler Laura Palmer. Almost nothing is as it seems, however, and the show’s sometimes eerie visuals, oddball characters, and wild dream sequences drive the point home. [Source IMBD]

COMMENTS:  The Granddaddy of weird Twin Peaks doesn’t just approach the edge but goes off it.  I’ve often written about it on the blog and like Gilmore Girls, this always makes it into some sort of list.  The retro-like atmosphere and overall strangeness will have you craving for coffee and pie.

Charmed ~ Available to stream or purchase on Amazon.

SYNOPSIS: The three Halliwell sisters discover that they are descendants of a line of female witches. Each has a special ability (stopping time, moving objects, seeing the future), and they can also combine their abilities into the “Power of Three” to fight demons, warlocks, and other evils. [Source Amazon]

COMMENTS:  When Charmed first premiered on the WB (now known as the CW Network) I was all in.  I watched it faithfully, but somewhere around the 4th season, I lost my way. (LOL) This is a great lighthearted show that reminds me of everything Fall and I hope to pick this up again this year.

I know Fall is not all about watching copious amounts of television but it’s something about these shows that remind me of my favorite time of year.  Everything this year (and going forward) has been eclipsed by what’s happening in the world, so we are all distracted.  But hey … a bit of escapism and distraction are what I need right now.

What are some of your favorite TV shows to watch in the fall? Are they up and coming, or vintage TV?  Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

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