Would You Rather? (This or That)…Fall Edition

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I know I’m going on about Fall, but it doesn’t have to be cold for me to be giddy about this time of year, but it wouldn’t hurt. Today I’m doing another fun post that’s called Would You Rather for the Fall Season.

I’ve seen several lists where Would You Rather has been renamed to “This or That”. This will be my 3rd year tweaking and updating this list, and it’s also the first of 3 that I will do for the Fall and Halloween season.

This time I decided to add some cute little graphics … just because (LOL). Of course in a week or two I’ll get back to my Wye’s Life Cast and update you on everything that’s going on. I do have some news that I would like to share, as life hums right along. So enough of my yapping let’s get to this fun graphic. — Enjoy


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What are some of your favorite things for the Fall season?  Do you love everything pumpkin, apple orchards, and wine?  How will you do safely in the pandemic era?  Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

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All Watercolor vectors created by Freepik
Header Image Photo by Brigitte Tohm on Unsplash