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How is everyone doing this Monday? I hope everyone is doing well and enjoying the weather.  Even though I didn’t get out I know the temperatures are cooler, and that’s just via my balcony (LOL).   Once again I send out prayers, and blessings to those as your out and about. 

“Casting all your anxieties on Him, because He cares for you.”  + 1 Peter 5:7

Today (once again) I’m working in my journal on the 52 List of Calm. I’m currently on list #2, and so far I’m enjoying the feel of it.  When I make out my list it doesn’t feel forced, or like I’m trying to fill the space for the sake of making a list.

These exercises require you to quiet the mind and focus on your senses.  Maybe a favorite task, smell, or environment can trigger your calm, and give you balance.

52 List of Calm …

From last week I won’t share every list but I will work my way through this journal.  The 52 List of Calm by Moorea Seal is a companion to the 52 List for Happiness Journal.  Here is a little backstory.

FROM AMAZON | For fans of the bestselling 52 Lists series and anyone looking to bring more peace and calm into their lives (and who isn’t, in our current age of anxiety?), this journal includes lists and tips specially designed to soothe the stressed-out soul.

Journaling, writing, and blogging, can be the best medicine for calmness. It quiets the mind and organizes your thoughts. It’s been the number thing to help me over some hurdles in life.  Whether I’m talking to an audience of one of 1001, it feels good to get this out of my system, and onto a platform where it might benefit someone else on their journey.

List #2


This is a meditation practice to focus your senses on what’s around you at this moment.  Since the pandemic, I’ve had a hard time quieting and focusing my mind.  I have so many random thoughts that at times it hard to settle on one thing.

One of the ways I’ve tried to remedy this is to take a vitamin targeted towards focus, for me right now that’s Olly’s Laser Focus (I figured I would try a few before I found one that works…but I digress).  Another way is writing in this blog, writing in my personal journal, and my bible journal.

When I write it’s an upchuck (so-to-speak) of words.  It’s random, sometimes organized but it’s out there. The point is to get it out on the screen or on paper, and over time you begin to organize your thoughts and condense them into something cohesive.  Everything I do help to retrain my brain to think in a different way, and to calm down and focus my thoughts on whatever task is at hand.

Keep it Simple…

This exercise could be one more thing to add to my self-care routine, but if I add so many tasks that it takes me 2 hours in the morning just to do anything, I’m not going to follow through.

I need to keep it simple (that K.I.S.S. method…LOL).  The practice exercise calls for a few minutes every day, but if I could commit to just twice a week that would work wonders.

Do you have trouble calming your mind? Have you checked in with your senses?  Make your list and start with a simple commitment to yourself to be your best self.  With that, I’ll end this here.  Again … thanks for hanging with me today, and as always. — Know Thyself —

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