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MONDAY Chat … Here We Go Again

Hello to all my lovely people, and Welcome to the blog!

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Podcast or nah.  Well yas…here I am!

How is everyone doing this Monday?  I hope you had a great, productive weekend, as I know it’s become harder to be at home but we can do this.  Stay positive, stay safe, be well and keep your head up.

“In peace, I will lie down and sleep, for you alone, Lord, make me dwell in safety.”  + Psalm 4:8

Last Monday I dived into how I was feeling and how my clinical depression was returning due to our current climate.  Last week was better because I  approached things a little differently.  I allowed myself to feel what I was feeling, and then cut it off.

Things I Said I Wouldn’t Do

I’ve seen countless blogs, and articles about what to do during this time.  It’s funny because I’ve never needed guidance on what to do in my free time prior to this because I’ve always had adulting to do.

When you have a home to maintain you never run out of things to do.  Currently, my days are still filled with work, but now my evenings are free because my commute to and from work has been cut to none. So I fill some of that time doing a chore or two.

I’ve done all the unpacking, purging, sorting, deep cleaning, and re-arranging that I can this month but there was one thing that I talked myself into doing.

Let’s Back-Up

My hair drives me crazy.  I love it but my relationship with my hair has been strained. (LOL) In February, I trimmed the nape of my neck as my hair was growing out like crazy and I didn’t quite know what to do with it, telling myself each week that I would go to the hairdresser.  Well, obviously that never happened.

Fast-forward to mid-March, and I’d had enough so I really cut most of it off (I’m glad there were no pictures…LOL) Having all this time and looking at it every day, several times a day was it for me.

New Cut 2

So this weekend, I took out my good shears and my clippers and went to work.  It’s not a perfect job but will suffice until I can see my person, and she can clean up my edges, and make it sharp.

New Cut 3

It’s the perfect style for the summer because it’s off of my face.

Spending Money

It’s been a push and pull effort not to spend money on things that I don’t need, but I’m spending more on basic items like groceries and household things because we’re home, and we are consuming more.

Keep in mind that I still work, and while I’m saving money (or paying myself) as I promised I would do, I don’t work just to pay bills and there are times when I will get myself something.


That something for me was Cricut supplies, coloring books and, skin-toned pencils.  We already have a pretty good stash of books and pencils so I just added to the collection.


My daughter has purchased a few more board games, and they help to pass the time and test that other side of the brain.

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Gonna Try

I’m also giving the delivered meal kits a try (again).  I’ve tried Hello Fresh but I just didn’t see the value and I felt like the meals were expensive for the two of us.

This time I’m using Home Chef, and the main reason is that I’m so over everything I’m cooking, and the availability of items at the grocery store.   I figured I could get meals twice a week for 4 people and would leave us with leftovers, and I don’t have to reinvent the wheel by coming up with different dishes every 3 days.

With that, I’ll end my session today.  Again … thanks for hanging with me today, and if you haven’t subscribed to Life by Wyetha, then get on it … and join the family.  I would love to have you at my virtual table … and as always. — Know Thyself —

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