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31 Days of Halloween, Fall

Would You Rather?!

Hello Friends, and Welcome to day 2 of my 31 Days of Halloween.

Today’s post is a Would You Rather … Fall & Halloween edition.  If this is your first time at blog “Welcome”, and check out my intro for this series.

My daughter and I have gone over this list for the past 2 years. It’s fun and it never get’s old.  This is a great game or conversation starter for your Fall or Halloween parties.

This Would You Rather List originally comes from Tumblr with a some modifications.  I’ve tried to link the source but that page has since been deleted.  So … on with the list!

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4 thoughts on “Would You Rather?!

  1. Love this! Can we go over this tonight? Was gonna post all my answers then realized how long this list was, haha.

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