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Sunday Chit-Chat

Hello everyone, and Happy Sunday! I’m beginning with my Chit-Chat session with the topics listed below, and I’m picking up with List #41.

Blogging is not an easy task.  We set out to give you great content, and as bloggers, we learn a little more about ourselves in the process.  With so many blogs it can become easy to lose focus.

Now is the time to gain some insight and realign my focus on the content that I want to create.

Sunday Topics//6-9-19

  • Having doubts about blogging; and if there is a future in this type of social media, where do I find inspiration?
  • Do I see myself blogging in 3-years, do I give myself a time frame on how long I want to continue.
  • Not having a definitive niche could be hurting the blog
  • Do I simplify and go back to the drawing board

52 List for Happiness

[1] Pay off bill or debt
[2] Buying a home
[3] Travelling
[4] Helping family
[5] Donating to charity
[6] Helping my Mom and Dad

TAKE ACTION: Give yourself a small budget this week to buy yourself something that makes you feel awesome, whether it’s a new book, a spa day, or paying someone else to do a chore that you dislike.  Treat yourself.

List #41 Outlook

At first, I thought this was a trick question but List #42 explains List #41, I’ll explain next week. When I think about the ways money can buy some happiness I’m not just thinking small scale, and I’m not always thinking about myself.

I find happiness in being able to help other people because while I would love some shoes or a book, seeing the way money can help other people, makes me sleep well at night.

“You have to participate relentlessly in the manifestation of your own blessings.” // Elizabeth Gilbert

I’m assuming that moral of the “take action” means to always reward yourself.  We associate rewards with accomplishment. Completing and accomplishment envoke this happy feeling.

I’m all for buying myself something, and yes it makes me happy, but we all know that money can’t buy true happiness.

That brings this post to a close today. Thanks so much for listening, and don’t forget to “like”, “comment”, and subscribe. — Know Thyself

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