Oh Friday…Hello Weekend

Oh, Friday … so you’re here.  This week has been a great one.  The weather is perfect, I’m getting into the groove of things, and there are no more shows to watch.  Just free time, to read and play catch up.

I’m so thankful for all the blessings for my family because my Dad is coming home on Friday or Saturday, which is awesome.  We are still dealing with his reorientation and memory, but he’s in good spirits and that’s all I can ask for.

Not too many things going on but … here is what I’m loving in my weekly recap.

Here’s What I’m Loving This Week


[1] I know I’m always late to the game, but I just got my first shipment from Thrive Market I’ve used VitaCost in the past (which has no yearly subscription) but I thought I would check out Thrive to compare their prices with other cruelty free stores.  Here is my link to get 25% off your first purchase.

[2]  This hat has been spotted everywhere, and for the life of me I had know clue Target sold them.  I’m a sucker for photo props so in the basket it went.  We can all use a “Do Not Disturb” day.  Check out Target’s dollar spot for this and other great items for the summer.

[3] Although I rush to get ready, and put on makeup everyday, I’m really patting myself on the back.  This Tuesday my make-up was on point, and it’s not everyday that I take a picture but it was just about perfect.

[4] Finally found a great bra for my girls [lol] from Third Love.  After some try-on’s and few returns, I’ve found 2 styles that fit the way bra’s are supposed to.  These bra’s are worth the investment, if there going to save my back, fit comfortably and not have the straps dig into my shoulders.

DIYs for Teens

In all the time that I’ve been featuring DIYs on Friday … I’ve never done any crafts for Teens.  I think crafts are a great way to work the other side of your brain and unplug from the TV and smartphones to create something with your hands.

I’ve curated this list of DIYs for teens.  There’s no limit to what the imagination can create, and with most DIYs … their subject to be interpreted by the creator.  These teen-themed DIYs are great for your bedroom, or a handmade gift.


1. Earring Holder // Eighteen25
2. Galaxy Coasters // A Kailo Chic Life
3. Cactus Push Pins // The Country Cottage
4. Glitter Perfume // Soap Deli News
5. Marbled Ring Dish // A Beautiful Mess
6. Confetti Garland // Pizzazzerie

Thanks so much for visiting my blog today! I hope you have a great weekend. Don’t forget to “like”, “comment”, and “subscribe”. — Peace —

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[header … Photo by Magda Fou on Unsplash]