It’s Friday!

Hello everyone, it’s Friday … the end of the week and the end of May.  Did it fly by like a twister for you, and if it did … did you take some time to enjoy it … I hope so, because June is here, which means Summer is here, and before you know it … it’s September.

I’ve been enjoying some great things this week, and due to family and stress, I thought I would treat myself to a few things.  There’s nothing like blogging to point my brain in a different direction, but shopping … is that special kinda love. Speaking about that … here is what I’m loving in my weekly recap.

Here’s What I’m Loving This Week


[1-2] I found this recipe [I’ll link it here] for coconut rice.  The ingredients were so simple, the only thing I didn’t have on hand was Jasmine rice, Coconut milk, and parsley.  I’m not a huge rice eater, but it tasted great.  I can also eat this rice without breaking my carb budget.

[3] This was my treat this week.  I did some shopping at Ulta to get some things I really needed and some things I just wanted.  Sometimes shopping is therapy [lol].

[4] It has begun.  I purged everything from my linen closet, as well as trashed some expired items.  I made a little diagram of where things should go and how many baskets I’m going to need.  Now I just haven’t decided whether to get those from Target or the Dollar store, because I am on a budget.

Macrame Craft

Macrame has come a long way since I remembered it when I was younger.  It always looked strange and the cording or rope had a strange smell.  There was nothing appealing about it.  Maybe I’ve been asleep for the past year, but suddenly [or maybe not so suddenly] crafters are breathing new life into an old art.

I’ve seen the most beautiful intricate patterns in shops like Anthropologie, and Etsy, at crazy prices.  Anything that’s handcrafted cost more because of the time and effort into designing, and making it.   I would love to try my hand at making something, because I still have wooden beads left, and I have some space on my dining room wall that needs filling.  Here is some inspiration if you’re looking at trying your hand at macrame.


1. Macrame Bag + A Pair and A Spare
2. Macrame Feather Charms + Cuckoo4Design
3. Macrame Key Chain + Think.Make.Share Blog
4. Macrame Table Runner + The DIY Mommy Blog
5. Macrame Floral Dreamcatcher + No Compass Necessary
6. Macrame Wall Hanging + City Farm House

Thanks so much for visiting my blog today! I hope you have a great weekend. Don’t forget to “like”, “comment”, and “subscribe”. — Peace —

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