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Modern Wood Bead DIY

Happy DIY Wednesday! I’m little by little getting back into the swing of things and staying positive and productive. I had these DIYs ready last week but it just wasn’t in me to post them. Today I’m feeling better and pressing on.

I actually had fun making these and yes it was a bit challenging and that’s just because I’m using the other side of my brain. These wood bead garlands are EVERYWHERE, and there are so many tutorials and DIYs.  I wanted to get around to making one last year, but I just put it off.


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On my last visit to my toy store … aka Hobby Lobby and saw one for $12.99 … and thought really … I can make one that’s cheaper, and customize it.  The suede for the table-top garland was 60% off with a Michael’s Craft Store coupon, and the beads came to about $11.00.  I made a total three, and I still have extra supplies to make a few key chains.  Now that savings I can work with.

Here are the materials I used for both DIYs.


Materials [Original tutorial here]

Wooden beads [two sizes]
Acrylic paint [on-hand]
Yarn, twine, or leather string
Paint sponges [on-hand]
Large needle

For one DIY I only painted the smaller bead as an accent, and for the other, I did a whitewash on all the beads.
This is the garland after I added the beads, I think the accent beads give this a modern look.  The other beaded mini-garland came out pretty much the same.

This was so darn easy.  The only thing that took time was painting the beads. Even the tassel only took 5 minutes.  You basically string on your plain or painted beads, alter the sizes if you want to create something different. [I used smaller beads for every 10 large beads, for a total of 30 … this includes some extra on the ends] For the mini-garland I used one small bead at each end.

The finished mini-garland for the canvases.
The finished garland for my table-top decor.

The tassel and how you attach it can be tricky but once you get the hang of it you’ll want to make tassels for everything.  Here is the tutorial from WhatsUpMoms on YouTube.  I loved being able to put my own spin on this little project and add an accent. I also plan on making some keychains as well and maybe giving them as gifts.

I wanted to the twine tassels to be longer because they are being used to accent my chalk canvases.  I made the leather tassel short because that’s a was going to be a table decoration.
I used a tac to hang my tassel from my canvas.
Here is the finished chain for my canvas.
And the finished garland for my table.

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  1. Cynthia says:

    The beads are beautiful! Thank you for sharing this diy. I can’t wait to try it ♡

    1. Thank you. I’m making key chains with the remaining beeds, but I need the latch which I think I can find at Michaels.

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