Gotchu Friday!

I gotchu Friday … and I’m right on your heels … LOL.  Hello everyone, and happy fabulous Friday.  Are you ready for the weekend? … How was your week this week?  If you’re recovering from that end-of-winter bug, I hope you’re better.  If you’ve had a crappy week, then hopefully the weekend can turn a frown upside down.

I’ve had a winter lull this week.  In a fog but don’t know why.  Not feeling happy for no reason at all.  Again, it’s what I call the winter lull, and as much as I despise summer, I think some vitamin D is what I need.  The sunshine can change your mood or just make you feel better in general, so while I have no plans for this weekend, I’m working on some self-care, to get out of this fog.  This week was pretty uneventful, but I managed to capture some things in my week in pictures.


[1] My decor and storage closet is coming right along from that picture I took last week, I managed to sort just a little bit more this week. [2] I’m still working on my header flat lay photos, and now I need cheap-cheap accessories.  [3] This is where I store everything and it all has to fit in 2 cubes so I use some things thrifted and the rest are mine. [4] Who’s that New Edition fan … rruh-ahh .. that would be me … yes, I was the one at all the shows with all the albums. [5] I know it may seem like a strange combination but lemongrass and orange oil smell so good when you diffuse them.

The minimalist … mid-century farmhouse design is at the base of everyone’s brain due in part to the very popular show Fixer Upper.  I was hard-core loving the Farmhouse style, but as I started to acquire things, I realized that it didn’t really go with my own personal style.  I like black, metals, and wood, so I call my style Mid-Century-Modern Farm because it captures that rustic look, with a minimal feel that’s modern.  I didn’t think I could find any DIYs to capture this style, but as I searched this week … there they were … so here is my DIY roundup in the minimalist style.


1. X-Shape Trivets + Home Edit
2. Triangle Book Ends + Make and Tell
3. Flip Calendar + Home Edit
4. Wall Clock + The Lovely Drawer
5. Footed Vanity Tray + Homey Oh My
6. Minimal Wall Sconce + AnnaBode

Thanks so much for visiting my blog today … I hope you had a great week and an even better weekend.  Don’t forget to “like”, “comment”, and “subscribe” or “follow”.  – Peace –

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