Good Intentions for a Great Day!

Hello friends, and happy Wednesday.  Y’all know it’s hump day … as the work-week goes, and we are moving right along.  The weather has been cooperating, and I’ve actually been able to take some photo’s [which is part of my Friday post] that I’ll share at the end of my 30-day challenge.

Today I want to talk about setting good night-time intentions for a great day.  I know that most folks grind every day, so when you get home … you’re just preparing for the next day and it doesn’t seem like you can really enjoy your evenings.  If you get off work at 5pm, and your home by 6-6:30, the afternoon is gone … so I know it’s hard to think about doing anything other than having dinner, watching some TV and going to bed.  There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that, but if you add in just a few extra steps, it can really aid you in having a great morning and a smooth day.

1. Refocus … When I get home from a long day, and crappy commute all I wanna do is be still and stare at the wall for a while. Basically, I want to do nothing, and in a way that’s just what my body needs to decompress. The way you unwind from your day or commute is different for everyone. You could spend 30 minutes talking to your family or loved ones and asking how their day was. This can be a great way to ease the stress from the day. If you’re on your own maybe 15-30 minutes of quiet meditation, a podcast, having your favorite tea or reading some scripture.


2. Address the twister … in the morning when I’m leaving for work … I’m doing a Wonder Woman twirl and my room reflects that. If it’s not your room maybe it’s the bathroom or the kitchen. Spend 30 minutes tidying up the space you left in the morning, and putting things back in their place. This will help you the next day because everything will be right where you need it.


3. Time to do you … I don’t have time for anything in the morning so I typically exercise in the evening. It’s actually much harder because I have less energy, but it helps me sleep because I want to be tired when its time for bed. If you’re not exercising take some time to read email, open your physical mail, or some yoga. Yoga is the one thing that causes minimal stress to the joints, works your core, and builds strength and stamina. You can’t focus on anything else, but that moment, so it’s a great way to decompress from your day.


4. So let’s eat … after I exercise or have my “me time” I make dinner. This is also when I prepare my breakfast and lunch for work the next day.  I rarely buy lunch in DC because it’s stupid-expensive, so I always meal-prep and bring something from home.  It may seem a bit excessive but this way your breakfast or lunch is ready to go, and all you do in the morning is pick up what you packed and you can get moving. Dinner time is also when my daughter and I talk more about our day and our weekend plans, or just have some general conversation. We may watch Riverdale and catch up on an episode or … no TV at all.


5. Wash the day away … I know this varies for everyone, but when I get home I can’t wait for my shower or bath. Sometimes I do this as soon as I get home, but if I’m prepping for the next day, or trying to squeeze in another task, it falls in later. I don’t do any mask on the weekday but this is a good time to apply a face mask or add some lavender bath salt which really makes your skin soft and prepares you for bed.


6. It’s in the bag … after I’m all relaxed from a bath or shower, I also back my bag to make sure I have everything.  I may add things I want to work on or my 52 List Journal.  This way I can ensure that I have everything so that’s one less thing I have to do in the AM.  Preparing things at night while they are first and foremost in your head is always a great idea, and you can change bags or sit it by your door, so your all set.


7. Good Night-Night … I’ve tidied my space, I’ve exercised, had a good meal, my lunch and breakfast are ready, I’ve showered and my bag is packed.  It’s just about time to hit the hey.  I’m usually in bed by 10pm, and from that point, I’m reading, watching YouTube videos, planning out my post, or “B” and I are laughing about something.  I’ll apply my sleep balm [sometimes I have to take a sleep aid], and by this time I’m sleepy.  Getting plenty of rest is vital when setting good intentions for the next day because your body needs to replenish all the energy you’ve depleted throughout the day.


While it may seem like you’ve had no time for yourself in the evenings, you’re actually doing some important self-care.  By prepping in the evenings, and taking a little time for yourself, you can streamline your AM routine, and have a stress-free morning.  Everything listed changes for me on a weekly basis.  Sometimes I get everything done, sometimes my cat’s upchuck and I get nothing done, or I don’t feel well and I have no energy.  I do know the benefits of setting good nighttime intentions for a great day, and while I’m no expert I’ve been doing a combination of these things and they do work.

I hope you have a great day and a peaceful evening.  Don’t forget to “like”, “comment”, and “subscribe” by email or just “follow”.  I love to you have you join the fam.  I’ll be back with my next post on Friday, so bye for now.  — Peace


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