Urrah-uh … Friday!

What’s up everyone … it’s Friday, and I’m loving it like a long-lost friend that I haven’t seen in a while.  Why do the weeks seem so long? Why are we crazy for the weekend? Those 2 1/2 wonderful days.  I wrote something about Friday’s in my  Penzu journal in 2017 which sums up what I call “The Friday Buzz”

Friday Buzz, March 4, 2017

Let me verbalize what call the “Friday Buzz”. Friday is excitement, it’s anticipation and a build-up to the weekend, people buzzing around and shopping cause they just got paid.  Hitting up the store for those last minute things, couples walking, groups talking, and lots of conversation about what’s going on … or what’s happening. Fellas gathering for that pick-up game, people meeting at that certain coffee shop or bar before their weekend plans … it’s a vibe and a feeling that I call … The Friday Buzz.

Last weekend was great and hectic … that event I went to [a wedding] was beautiful. My daughter’s best friend that I’ve known since she was 12, married her high-school love. It really made my heart sing to bear witness to their union, and I also realized [in that moment] that if you don’t believe that love will find you … think again.  I can’t post any pictures from the wedding but on the home front … here is this week in pictures.


[1] Real life Y’all … when I get home every day, this is what my cats leave me, and that doesn’t include the other areas.  I know it’s assumed that people that blog “sometimes” have these pristine dwellings, but keeping it real … my crib gets messy, and I vacuum like clockwork. [2] As promised a pic of my front closet, and yes I’m proud that although we have a lot in there … we can get to what we need. [3] Yes … I know it’s time to put away the winter trees. This picture just helps me to see it, thus being a constant reminder. [4] My current magazine reading, and [5] The next book on my goods reads … Annihilation.

Handmade things are precious, and I love the pretty knit and crochet DIY’s that are so popular right now.  Just two years ago they were still expensive to make because the wool or yarn was priced ridiculously.  Some of it still is but you can find a comparable fabric or yarn that meets any price point.  Check out these knit and crochet DIY’s, that can make the perfect addition to your home or a beautiful handmade gift.


1. Big Knit Blanket + Mama in a Stitch
2. Braided Cat Bed + Ohhio
3. Crochet Cowl + A Beautiful Mess
4. Finger Knit Necklace + A Beautiful Mess
5. Extreme Knit Pouf + Peony & Thyme
6. Snow Day Hat + A Beautiful Mess

Thanks so much for visiting my blog today … I hope you had a great week and an even better weekend.  Don’t forget to “like”, “comment”, and “subscribe”.  — Peace —

[header photo by “Me”]