February Favorites (Round-Up)

Hello everyone … it’s Wednesday, and dare I say hump day (if you know that commercial with the camel then you are chuckling right now about … “guess what day it is“).  I’ve tried a few new things and changed up some older products this month, so here are my February favorites.


1. Mario Badescu + Witch Hazel & Rose Water Toner
I’m partial to almost all of MB’s products and there are only a few that I don’t like. This worked for what I needed but it wasn’t special, as pictured above I used the entire bottle in under a month, so it went really quickly, but that could be that also use this toner to remove my make-up with coconut oil.  This toner worked for what I needed.  I use witch hazel after I cleanse my face, to help remove any extra makeup and tone my skin. I will say that I prefer the Thayers brand over this one, but it still got the job done.

2. Pacific + Sea & C Love Vitamin Serum
I like this serum and I wanted to try something different, but I will probably go back to my Andalou Naturals when this is gone. The price point on this is cheaper, but if your getting a cheaper serum the results will vary.  I use serum to help brighten my skin and even out my acne marks.  I apply this when my skin is damp to help move the product, however that makes it take a little longer to absorb. I purchased this at the end of January, used it all of February, and I took these pictures last week, and I’m still using it … so I will say that a little goes a long way.  I’ll put this in the “back-up” list because I do see improvement in the texture and tone of my skin.

3. Aura Cacia + Euphoric Ylang Ylang Bath Salt
I’m a sucker for bath salt (any kind), and I came across this one on Vita Cost because I was looking for alternative beauty products that were plant-based. As you can see I’ve killed this packet. One cost about $2.50, and this is enough for 2-3 baths (unless you have a ginormous tub or it’s two of you … and hey … ain’t nothing wrong with that…lol). It leaves your skin feeling like silk, so if you’re looking to pamper yourself with a special at-home spa day, add this to your arsenal.

4. Mario Badescu + A.H.A. & Ceramide Moisturizer
Like I said I’m partial to MB products because I’ve had good results with their moisturizers. This is an AM moisturizer for me, and it works well with my skin care regimen. It’s not oily, leaves no residue, I can wear this under my mineral make-up, and my skin glows.

5. Pacifica + Indian Chai Lip Balm
Back when the weather started to get really cold, I purchased an array of lip balms because my lips were suffering. I used combinations of so many different things I didn’t know what was working. This is also an AM thing for me, and I finish up with a lip balm. I do notice a difference, in how my lips feel, but lets’ face it. No lip balm last all day … nor would you want it to. So as balms go, it works well for me.

That it’s for my February favs. Thanks so much for visiting my blog today, and don’t forget to “like”, “comment”, and “subscribe”.



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