Whoo Friday!

Hello friends, and Happy Fearless Friday!  I hope Y’all had a fantastic week.  We were blessed with snow which meant a snow-day for me because my office was closed. I love snow days because they really take the edge off the week.  I finished all the shows on my DVR, cleared out my “watch later” list on YouTube, got through all my emails on all my accounts, watched the Half-Blood Prince, got the laundry done and I feel really accomplished.

Last week I was able to hit the thrift store because I want to start working on some flat-lay photography again, but this time I wanted to use clothing.  The best place to get anything cheap is the thrift store which is where I get all my other photography props from.  When I do these “Weekend” post I usually use an image from Pexels or Unsplash, but they don’t always have what I’m looking for so I break-down and spend a few bucks on some quality hi-res images.  However, that money adds up so I want to start taking something on my own.  With that said … here is this week in pictures.


[1] I just got this backdrop from Ink and Elm and it looks fantastic  [2] Small clothing haul for my flat lays from the Goodwill [3] Our Wine & Widows V-Day festivities were a day late but we still had a good time and our spread was a feast [4] Lunch-time walk after the snow storm, which looks like it never happened #downtown DC [5] Ok I know I posted this last week, but these toe socks from the Yoga Outlet are amazing!

Recently I repotted the snake plant that I’ve had for about a year and a half and of course, now I’m seeing what I should have done.  I can only hope that I don’t kill it as I have a rather brown thumb.  From 2017-2018 I’ve killed 3 succulents and 1 other house plant.  So far my plant is doing well and I’ve only lost 2 large leaves. As I was reading through all the info on taking care of snake plants I found some great indoor garden and plant pot DIYs.  Try something out this weekend!


1. Air Plant Trapezes | Sunset
2. Mid Century Plant Stand | A Beautiful Mess
3. Plant Drawer Stand + Happy Together
4. Wall Planter | Lana Red Studio
5. Wall Pocket + Yellow Brick Home

Thank you so much for visiting my blog today.  Don’t forget to “comment”, “like”, and “follow”.  Have a great weekend. — Peace

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[header photo Clarrise Meyer on Unsplash]