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Five Ways I’m Refreshing My Homestead This Season

Hello Friends! Welcome back to the blog today.

Hello friends, and how are you? I hope you’re feeling good, getting plenty of reststaying hydrated, eating clean, focusing on your mental health, and giving yourself grace.

“It is my sacred duty to heal unhelpful money habits so I can flourish financially”. 

The last few weeks have been hard on me mentally and physically with the passing of my Dad and going through a procedure to remove four varicose veins.  It’s been hard to focus on some days as I ponder my life.  My Day was 91, so he lived a full life and gave all the love and support my daughter and I needed. So I have my good days and bad, and the best medicine for me is to keep myself busy, pause when I need to, and rest.

I’ve been blogging for many years, and when March or April rolls around, I always post something about spring cleaning.  I figure after all this time, people know how to clean their homes, so I don’t need to tell anyone what to do, but I will share a few things I do in the Spring (and Fall) to update and refresh my space.

Here are five ways I’m refreshing my home this season!


I know it’s daunting to think about painting your house, especially if you rent like me, but when I paint, I’m not doing entire rooms or even full walls, for that matter.  I’m going through the places that show the most wear and touching up.  For my house, that means baseboards, hallways, and my entryway, which is a high-traffic area.  You’d be surprised at what a little white paint can do for your space.


Amid the storm of grieving and medical procedures, I’m also having my oven repaired, so when I moved everything that surrounds my oven and put it on my table, I saw all the things that had expired and pantry items no longer used.  So, I checked expiration dates and tossed those oils, spices, and other items. I think it’s always good practice to refresh your pantry so that cooking your favorite summer meals becomes something you enjoy and not a task.



How often do we think about curtains?  Probably never.  They hang there as an afterthought once you’ve painstakingly chosen the perfect ones to hang in your space.  Once a year, it’s a great practice to launder them, or you can have your curtains professionally cleaned and pressed.  Mine will take a while, especially since they have to be done in stages because I have five windows worth of floor-to-ceiling curtains.


There’s something about a simple bouquet of flowers that instantly brightens a room.  Recently, I was gifted a monthly subscription, and it’s absolutely perfect.  A simple green arrangement or seasonal flowers are a great gift for a housewarming, surprising a friend or family member, or just because.



I recently added more art to my half-bathroom because it’s a boring white box.  I love how art can turn a blank wall into one with visual interest.  Art can also reflect a mood, a favorite style, or a subject.  I’m always searching for African American artists (old or new) because I love something that creates conversation.

This piece from Etsy sellerAdrex Art Gallery is displayed in my bathroom.

Here’s a mock-up of my bathroom art gallery.  I can’t see to get a good photo because there is no natural light, and light in the room reflects on the glass in the frames.  I don’t have the fan or the knocker yet, but I hope to thrift something.

Yes, I know what you’re thinking…Wye…when do you find the time? (LOL) For these things, I make time, and it helps that I didn’t just start this.  I’m always fiddling or working in my home because it’s where I spend the most time, and I want it to be comfortable and ready for entertaining. 

My goal this season is to think more about my financial health and where my coins go.  So I work with what I have, get my art for pennies on the dollar, and spend where I need to.  With that, I’ll end this quick post today.

Thanks so much for visiting, and I hope by sharing what I do to refresh my home for the season, I can inspire you to do the same. — Peace 

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