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Must Have Home Gadgets on Amazon!

Hello Friends, and welcome to the blog today.

I hope everyone is doing well, staying hydrated, getting plenty of rest, taking your vitamins, and giving yourself some grace.

I’m all for items that make caring for your home easier while being practical.  Lord knows I don’t need another gadget, but some are a “must have,” in my opinion, and make cleaning, working, and your overall quality of living …better.

Of course, we know Amazon is the place for all things, and with quick shipping, it takes the stress out of going to the big box stores and standing in line.  Amazon is also good with recommending items based on your shopping and searches.  Some are great, while others can be …” why is this in my feed? But if I think that tool will be useful, I’ll try it.

Here is the “Must-Have’s” List for your home


MOTION LIGHT: Late nights and early morning, I curse when I have to use the bathroom because it’s pitch black, which means cutting on the 8-bulb dressing room light (that most bathrooms have …honestly, I HATE it), or being in the dark and risk stubbing my toe or banging something.  This light is in my shopping cart, and the perfect spot is above my toilet. This item is a “must-have” for those late-night trips.

SMALL SPACE HEATER: My daughter is always cold, and these 12-foot ceilings and old windows leak so much air in the winter.  My heavy black-out curtains help some, but on cold days, it can feel like you’re sitting near an “open” window.  This small portable heater works great.  Put it where you need it, and that’s it.

STEAMSHOT: I can’t say enough about this gadget or sing more of its praises, but this saved me when I first moved to my home.  I don’t think people realize what’s hiding in cracks and crevices that have never been attended to.  The Bissell Steambot cleans everything, windows, bathroom, grout, floors, and any space that needs the power of steam.  I purchased mine in 2021, and I still love it.  This is an EXCELLENT housewarming gift.

PURIFIER: Compact but powerful.  We have these right at our front door and in the bathroom.  This UV-C purifier is great for eliminating orders and allergens, but we mainly have it because of the constant smell of weed.  Yes …I know it’s nature’s candy (so to speak), but that smell is god-awful and hurts my throat, and I most certainly don’t want to smell it in my house, so this little gadget is glorious.

PUMICE: I didn’t know this existed until I moved into my current home.  This little tool has made life safer. It cleans efficiently with no harsh chemicals and is natural. We have a ceramic sink that scratches no matter what you do.  You can look at my sink too hard and poof…a scuff. The pumice buffs out all the scratches, cleans the glass oven door better than any spray cleaner, and can be used on your shower, tub, and toilet boil.

AIR FRYER:  You don’t know until you know when it comes to this kitchen gadget.  Now, you can get air fryers at different prices to fit any budget.  We’ve had our Bella fryer for three years, and it’s still going strong.  It’s also great in a pinch (while we wait for our oven to be fixed) and perfect for small spaces.

CARPET GROOMER: I know what you’re thinking. Why do I need this? I’m telling you (especially all the renters with carpet) that this gadget is a game changer.  This nifty tool raises your carpet fibers, loosens dirt, and pulls up pet hair, so when you vacuum, your carpet looks like it was just freshly installed.

Well, friends, I hope I’ve introduced you to some cool and helpful gadgets for your home. Thanks so much for visiting the blog today.  Don’t forget to follow and subscribe. — Peace