Loafers I’m Crushing On This Season

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I love so many shoe styles this season, and I love those trends that never really go out of style.  I was wearing penny loafers in school (yes, I’m old), and we would place a penny right in the center of those brown loafers.  We all had a pair at some time or another, and I’d only seen them in brown at that time. We proudly take our penny, stick it in the center, and rock our loafers.  These shoes lasted forever and were very popular if you wore a uniform, which I never did, but I still had a few pairs.

I’ve purchased two pairs this season as I need something to wear to work besides sneakers. Loafers look great in pants, jeans, and even dresses. They come in so many colors, styles, and price points that you can find just the right look to complement your wardrobe.  Here are a few I’m crushing on now.

Just Fab This is the cheapest option, but if you don’t know, Just Fab works on a point or credit system, so your first pair is cheap, but then you have to remember to cancel at the beginning of the month so they don’t automatically charge you $49.00.  It’s a pain, but they have some nice shoes at lower prices. If you are a member, the Cami flat is under $35.

Westlyn Bella – A DSW option where you can always find anything and everything there.  DSW also has really fast delivery, and they always have sales. The one I like is in the middle at just under $70.00.

Doc Martins – If you love Doc Martins, they have a loafer for you.  No frills, in simple white or black with a chunky heel, these unisex shoes are for everyone. Doc Martins is priced at $69.00.

Duke + Dexter – This loafer is a serious splurge of over $300.  The shoe art is the most beautiful I’ve ever seen. It is made of real leather and is meant to last.

Coach – If you’re looking for a designer shoe, look no further because Coach is having a sale.  These shoes are just over $100, which is cheaper than the Duke + Dexter loafer.  So, if you want to treat yourself this season, check out the sale at Coach.

Everlane – A sustainable company that believes in quality and creates shoes and clothing via US-based ethical factories with items designed to last.  They are a bit more costly because of how they are made, but if you want to stay away from fast fashion and reduce your carbon footprint, this loafer is for you.

Well, that’s a wrap for me today, and I can’t wait for my new shoes to arrive.  What shoe styles are you’re favorite for the season?  A ballet float? or Sandal?  Let me know in the comments.

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